CCNO offers program for opiate users

Two new programs — assisting drug users and those returning to the community — will be offered at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, board members learned during a Feb. 24 meeting.

A program entitled “Getting Ahead while Getting Out” will be offered to selected candidates who are about to be released, said Jim Dennis, CCNO executive director. Toledo municipal judges will select participants to attend 21 sessions to complete the program that will help them build stability when returning to their communities.

A second program is a medication-assisted treatment program that will provide opiate users Vivitrol, which blocks heroin from being absorbed into the system. The program will be overseen by Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio and funded by a grant obtained by the Four County ADAMhs Board from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Recovery Services. This program will benefit offenders from Fulton, Defiance, Henry, and Williams counties.

Dennis said the PRC violator’s program continues to grow with increased participants. He said the added numbers help to fill beds at CCNO.

He reported that the jail population in December stood at 551 or 86 percent, slightly higher for that time of year in comparison to the past 10-15 years. January’s population stood at 576 or 90 percent and, with the post-release control population, totaled 594 or 93 percent, the same for Wednesday’s population.

Dennis said state officials conducted an annual jail inspection Jan. 19-20, and CCNO was found to be 100 percent in compliance.

Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken asked if CCNO was well-funded, and if the reserves are growing. It was reported that all participating jurisdictions paid their first quarter payments for the operations and capital budget, with the second quarter invoice due April 1.

It was noted that Toledo did not pay its first quarter payment to the special reserve fund created to cover unexpected emergency costs to include unemployment, retirement benefits, sick pay, and severance. Payments are based on each jurisdiction’s percentage of participation. Toledo’s special reserve fund invoice amounted to $22,335.

No Toledo representatives were in attendance at Wednesday’s meeting.

Members met in executive session for 36 minutes to discuss pending litigation. No action was taken.