Petitions for County Charter presented

On Wednesday, members of the Common Sense Energy Coalition of Fulton County planned to present petitions to the Fulton County Board of Elections in Wauseon for a Proposed County Charter in the November election.

The County Charter contains a Community Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights states that residents have a right to peaceful enjoyment of their property, a right to clean air, water, soil, the rights of nature, the right to a sustainable community, the right to be free from chemical trespass and rights against corporations.

The County Charter was prepared to expand current rights. The County Charter would give residents a voice when, for instance, for-profit corporations, attempt to intrude on residents by taking land, destroying their property, or the environment.

In Ohio petitions are being presented at the Boards of Elections in four counties: Medina, Fulton, Athens, and Meigs. Counties who already have this legislation are Cuyahoga and Summit counties.