Expositor plans for Thursday paper changes

To our Expositor readers:

Starting Thursday, Feb. 11, you will receive more from the Fulton County Expositor.

Our e-Edition is expanding to bring you more local news and photos, including business items, education features, and a historical page that celebrates news from the past. Also, be sure to check out the photo pages from sports and local events like festivals.

The regular Thursday news will also be included. That entails page one stories with breaking news and features, while inside pages will include obituaries, sports and the usual local updates and information.

We know you have questions, so here are some answers:

Will I still receive a newspaper?

Yes, on Tuesday in print and on Thursday in digital form only through our e-Edition. The e-editions are viewable at www.fcnews.org.

There will be no print product on Thursdays.

How do I see the e-Edition?

Subscribers can visit www.fcnews.org, log into their account, and click on the e-Edition tab on the top of the page or on the e-Edition section farther down the website.

If you have a subscription to the Fulton County Expositor, you are already able to have an electronic account. If you have not set one up previously, you may create one by clicking on the e-Edition icon and following the instructions on the website.

If you would like help with creating your account, please contact the circulation department at 419-335-2010 during regular business hours.

What will the Thursday newspaper look like?

The e-Edition looks just like a regular newspaper. Thursday’s edition, however, will have more and may have an odd number of pages, something that is impossible to do with the limitations of a print product. The e-Edition will be larger than the “regular” newspaper with more content.

Is my bill changing?

Your bill will remain the same for your subscription.

Will I still see articles on social media and the website?

The Fulton County Expositor will continue to post local and regional sports, news, entertainment, and information on the website which is updated regularly. Those articles are also available through your account.

If you remain logged in, you can also see articles at no additional cost, other than your subscription, by clicking on links that you see on our social media accounts like Facebook.