Common Pleas Court

Heidi Bernholtz, Delta, vs. Brian A. Bernholtz, Stryker, domestic violence.

Robin Wanless, Wauseon, vs. Arrow Tru-Line Inc., Archbold, other civil.

Carol J. Grabarczyk, Metamora, vs. Keith Truckor, Metamora, other civil.

American Express National, Independence, Ohio, vs. Gary Epley, Swanton, other civil.

Marriage Licenses

Justin L. Morgan, 22, Swanton, steel plant, and Kyra J. Nearhood, 22, Swanton, homemaker.

Real Estate Transfers

Carl J. Clark to Amanda Crooks and Peggy Hubbard, 10505 County Road B, Swanton, $137,600.

Angela and Kyle Riley to Andrea A. and Jeffrey D. Henck, 402 Fernwood Ave., Delta, $195,000.

NRZ REO XI LLC to Rickie and Kay Dohm, 5141 Rainbow Drive, Delta, $99,100.

Michael E. Timothy J. and Ri Kauzlick to Roger A. and Charlene E. Lossing, 101 North Pointe Drive, Archbold, $170,000.


Lavon D. and Linda L. Short to Michael and Cassandra Hartman, 206 Hawthorn Drive, Archbold, $251,500.

State Bank and Trust Co. to Bravez Inc., 515 Parkview St., 558 N. Shoop Ave. Wauseon, $250,000.

Kyle A. and Rena L. Sauder, trustees, to Zeesky LLC, 3522 Westwood Drive, Archbold, $100,000.

William H. Lambert to Austin D. Heinze-Luce, 272 Maple St., Metamora, $98,500.

Sandra Norris to Odene D. Carrol, 103 W. Union St., Fayette, $13,000.

Michael S. Clendenin, successor trustee, to Kevin Gray, trustee, 4113 County Road N, Swanton, $750,000.

Shelly Materials, Inc. to Greener Results LLC, 110 S. Brunell St., Wauseon, $45,000.

Randy and Renee Walker to Derek M. and Aleanee J. Eitniear, 3060 U.S. 20A, Swanton, $152,500.

Joe D. III and Toni Roth Sullivan to Thomas H. Jodi L. Gerken, 3516 Woodlane Drive, Archbold, $162,000.

Jeffrey L. Wilson to JBT Real Estate LLC, 422 Ottokee St., Wauseon, $74,000.

Nathan T. Cordy to Megan J. and Preston J. Vonderwell, 5200 Rainbow Drive, Delta, $163,000.

Jennifer E. Feehan to Robert J. Dick Jr., 112 Franklin St., Swanton, $70,000.

Justin Simon and Jacob Simon to Luke and Sara Keeler, U.S. 20, Swanton, $72,000.

Thomas E. and Mylee L. Geldien to Matthew R. Zeunen, 2749 County Road 4-1, Swanton, $35,500.