College support staff authorize use of strike notice

Staff Report

Negotiations between support staff at Northwest State Community College and the college have not yielded a new contract since the expiration of the previous contract on June 30, 2015.

Recently the support staff members of the Northwest State Community College Education Association (NSCCEA) authorized their bargaining team to send a 10-day strike notice to the college’s board of trustees. The unanimous vote took place Jan. 21 at a general membership meeting.

The bargaining team for the staff employees of the NSCCEA now have authority to set a strike date if a contract settlement is not reached.

Employees and college officials have been in negotiations since May of 2015.

On Friday, the board met in executive session to discuss the contract negotiations. Upon return, the board unanimously approved the implementation of the last and best offer to the school support personnel bargaining unit.

“Northwest State is dedicated to providing quality education and service to our students,” said Sue Derck, NSCC board chair. “We strive to provide good jobs with a wage and benefit package that meets the standards of both educational institutions and regional industry standards in Ohio. Our employees and our students are of great importance. As the state of Ohio continues to challenge higher education to contain costs and provide exemplary educational opportunities, Northwest State will do all that we can to ensure the college is both fair and sustainable.”

Derck continue, “Northwest State must continue to work to operate both efficiently and fairly. The board supports the efforts of the administration; we feel that a fair compensation package is being offered to our employees.”

The NSCCEA represents approximately 48 staff employees at Northwest State Community College.

Staff Report