Number of Fulton County COVID-19 cases passes 1,000

COVID cases, hospitalizations continue to climb

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Here are the latest details on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the area:

• Fulton County has joined most of the other counties in Ohio at a Level 3 Public Emergency for COVID-19.

The county has met four indicators. They are new cases per capita, sustained increase in new cases (Fulton saw an increase in the seven-day case average from 17.6 on Oct. 31 to 25.1 on Nov. 8), proportion of non-congregate cases, and sustained increase in outpatient visits for COVID-like illness (an increase in the seven-day average from 22.9 on Nov. 9 to 28 on Nov. 13).

“We’ve seen an increase in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Fulton County. Last week we had an all-time high number of new cases, at 175/week. Our indicators are pointing to increased community spread, and more residents are seeking medical care for COVID-19 symptoms,” said Kim Cupp, Health Commissioner. “It is important to stay vigilant during this time. We ask residents to decrease in-person interactions with others, consider necessary travel only, and avoid attending social gatherings with members of multiple households.”

Alert Level 3 (Red) indicates a very high exposure and spread within the county. The Fulton County Health Department has asked residents to follow all current statewide public health orders and sector specific guidance which is located on the website.

According to Thursday’s updated Ohio Public Health Advisory System map, all but 15 of the state’s 88 counties are currently rated as at least a very high risk of exposure and spread (Red Level 3), up from 56 counties last week. This represents the highest number of Red Level 3 counties since the launch of the advisory system in July.

Also, Franklin County, the home of Columbus, is now in Purple Level 4.

“Other counties may not yet be seeing continuous, uninterrupted increases in the same way as Franklin County, but make no mistake – almost all counties are seeing more cases and more health care use that could threaten the medical system if they continue,” said Governor Mike DeWine.

Fulton County had a case rate of 593.5 per 100,000 from Nov. 4 – Nov. 17, an increase of more than 100 from the previous period. Mercer County was the highest in Ohio, with 1,263 per 100,000.

Lucas County had a case rate of 597.6 per 100,000 and met five indicators. Indicators met were new cases increase, new cases per capita, emergency department visits, proportion of cases not in congregate settings, and outpatient visits.

• The number of COVID-19 cases in Fulton County eclipsed 1,000 as the total number climbed from 976 on Nov. 15 to 1,172 as of Sunday, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The Fulton County Health Department’s last update was Friday, and included 132 confirmed active cases, 33 more than the previous Friday.

Among the 1,123 cases the county health department reported through Friday, there were 658 females and 459 males.

Seven additional COVID-19 deaths were reported in Fulton County over the last week. The total stands at 25, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The total number of hospitalizations increased from 58 to 73 in the last week.

Lucas County has had 13,205 cases, as of Sunday, according to the county health department. There were five additional deaths in the last week, for a total of 394.

There were 351,419 cases reported overall in Ohio, as of Sunday. Statewide, there had been 24,423 hospitalizations and 4,418 intensive care unit admissions related to the disease.

There are 5,612 confirmed COVID-19 deaths statewide, with 384 more probable COVID-19 deaths.

For the last several days, the Ohio Department of Health has cautioned that the data is incomplete, as thousands of reports are pending review.

• The Wauseon area saw 85 new cases reported in the last two weeks, according to data from the Ohio Department of Health’s COVID-19 zip code dashboard. The 43567 zip code has 438 cases, the most in the county. It also has the highest case rate if the 139-person Pettisville zip code is not included.

The Swanton zip code added 84 cases in the last two weeks, according to the dashboard. There have now been 396 cases in the Swanton zip code.

The Wauseon and Swanton zip codes each have a population at least 4,000 higher than the other Fulton County zip codes.

There have also been 155 cases in the Delta zip code and 143 in the Archbold zip code.

Fayette, Lyons, Metamora, and Pettisville all have had under 60 cases.

Ohioans can view data from their local communities and filter data by probable or confirmed case status, county, a specific zip code, or a specific time period.

The zip code dashboard can be found at

• The most recent update to the State of Ohio’s travel advisory includes 14 states. They are South Dakota, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Alabama, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Mississippi.

Those entering Ohio after traveling to states reporting positive testing rates of 15% or higher for COVID-19 are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days.

“Positivity rate” is an indicator of how much COVID-19 there is in a community, and ODH is recommending against travel to those states with high positivity. If travel is necessary, ODH is recommending 14 days of self-quarantine after leaving those locations.

The advisory is intended as guidance and not a mandate.

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COVID cases, hospitalizations continue to climb

Staff Report