Common Pleas Court

Hastings Mutual Insurance Co., Hastings, Mich. vs. John Dennis, Wauseon, other civil.

Tia Fletcher, Fayette, vs. Trevor Fletcher, Jasper, Mich., dissolution of marriage with children.

Diane Brandt, Lyons, vs. Michael Brandt, Wauseon, termination of marriage without children.

American Express National Bank, Sandy, Utah, vs. Barbara Grieser, Wauseon, other civil.

Toledo Edison Co., Akron, Ohio, vs. Timothy Schieber, Swanton, other civil.

Joy L. Florek, Delta, vs. Tony D. Florek, Delta, termination of marriage without children.

Real Estate Transfers

Sheila M. Hayes to Sarah B. and Philip R. Sargent, 129 Peachtree Lane, Swanton, $255,000.

Fairlawn to William A. and Kathryn S. Gill, 444 Clover Lane, Archbold, $171,777.

Andrew and Rebecca Clark to Jame L. Wilson, 102 Elmwood Ave., Delta, $130,000.

Susan G. Dunphy to James W. Dowling, 7080 County Road 1-1, Swanton, $150,000.

Stephen Gustwiler to OM SHIV Petroleum LLC, 10085 State Hwy. 108, Wauseon, $270,000.

Virginia L. Busch to Taylor E. Eberly, 332 S. Oakwood St., Wauseon, $134,000.

Charlene F. Blankenship to Rodger D. Herrington, 328 Crabtree Lane, Delta, $154,500.

Kinsman Farms LLC to Douglas D. and Nancy N. Rupp, trustees, State Highway 2, Archbold, $561,000.

Joel and Lisa Bailey to Patricia M. and Larry D. Pritchett, 604 Brussel St., Archbold, $132,000.

Edward J. and Bonnie Lauber to Joel E. and and Lisa H. Bailey,501 Murbach St., Archbold, $181,000.

Sheila C. Sheets to Linda Scherzer, 402 Parkwood Drive, Delta, $144,900.

Travis J. and Kiersten Paimli to Paige E. Sizemore, 1742 County Road U, Metamora, $125,500.

John A. Broering to Brad and Ivy M. Hicks, 525 Third St., Wauseon, $97,500.

Brent P. and Rhonda S. Gingerich to Brandon L. and Amy L. Cover, 109 Pheasant Lane, Archbold, $425,000.

Winameg Custom Homes Inc. to Jeffrey A. and Charlene F. Witt, County Road 10-2, Delta, $50,000.

Marilyn I. Emery to Aaron N. and Patricia A. Brink, 607 N. Fulton St., Wauseon, $86,000.

Zeesky LLC to Stephen M. and Alexis Yackee, 405 West St., Archbold, $145,000.

James E. Beck, trustee, to Levi S. and Steven E. and Tammy L. Grant, 404 S. Defiance St., Archbold, $40,000.

James E. Beck to Levi S. and Steven E. and Tammy L. Grant, 402 S. Defiance St., Archbold, $50,000.

John J. Griner Jr. to Lance and Dennis and Sherri L. Grieser, 1120 Old Orchard Drive, Wauseon, $247,500.

Robin L. Schantz to Dillon F. Schantz, 744 Fairway Drive, Wauseon, $65,000.

Brett P. and Laurie Ann Wyse, trustees, Morgan N. and Mitchell D. Ringel, 10939 U.S. 20A, Delta, $225,000.

James E. Beck, trustee, to The Money Guys Ltd., 201 E. Mechanic St., Archbold, $15,000.

Sunshine Children’s Home to Matthew R. and Julie A. Pacholski, 109 Barre Road, Archbold, $185,000.

Moe J. and Betty Jo Wilcox to Charlene F. Blankenship, 4726 County Road E, Delta, $120,000.