Common Pleas Court

Christopher R. Salter, Adrian, Mich., vs. Leah B. Salter, Lyons, dissolution of marriage with children.

Thomas R. Worline, Holland, Ohio, vs. Jennifer M. Worline, Swanton, termination of marriage with children.

Jordan A. O’Neil, Lyons, vs. Kylee A. O’Neil, Delta, dissolution of marriage with children.

Lauren E. Woodring, Swanton, vs. Nathan Woodring, Angola, Ind., dissolution of marriage with children.

Betty L. Parker, Swanton, vs. Roger C. Parker, Parkersburg, W.V., termination of marriage without children.

Real Estate Transfers

Jacob I. Upright to Steven D. and Tala R. Martinez 10273 County Road 3, Swanton, $157,000.

Thomas and Pearl Phelps to Leslie K. Teets, 200 Maple St., Fayette, $95,000.

Nicole M. Pierzchala to Ashley TL McQuillin and Anthony Moehrman, 7558 County Road 3, Swanton, $159,500.

Adam Shay and Tiffany P. Atkinson to Douglas E. and Susan Z. Clark, 13790 State Hwy. 120, Lyons, $205,000.

Luanne M. Surgeson to Shawn and Julie McCaughey, 434 Monroe St., Delta, $46,200.

William C. and Renee S. Quistorf to Timothy J. and Laurie L. Reynolds, 19360 Mallard Run, Wauseon, $18,000.

Tara A. Short to Mason Clark, 204 Park St., Archbold, $75,000.

Barbara H. Thomas to Regan J. Jernigan, 405 Maplewood Ave., Delta, $177,500.

James R. and Linda J. Chambers, trustees, to Tim J. Gallagher, 207 W. Airport Hwy., Swanton, $110,600.

Ronald Ford to Gregory and Rebecca Johnston, 5646 County Road 1-2, Swanton, $240,000.

Judith A. Overmyer to Twelve Point Properties LLC, 104 Elm St., Swanton, $125,000.

Donald L. Ritta III to Justin A. Fleming, 204 Church St., Archbold, $169,000.

Paulding County Area Foundation to Justin R. and Linde B. Knierim, County Road H, Archbold, $110,000.

Jacob A. and Lauren Yoder to Dale S. and Jeanie L. Thompson, 413 Hawthorn Drive, Archbold, $143,000.

James P. and Carol C. Christopherson to N.P. Dodge Jr., trustee, 14285 County Road 2, Swanton, $453,000.

Carlos and Kathryn R. Serna to David and Eriin Arendt, 14580 County Road 2, Swanton, $379,900.

Patrick V. Smith and Allison Reinbolt to Jessica M. Jasso, 604 Ottokee St., Wauseon, $80,000.

Stephen E. and Kelly A. Stasa to Kathyrn R. Serna, 5695 State Hwy. 120, Metamora, $230,000.

Phyllis J. Mohler to Kirsten A. Fruchey, 530 Wood St., Delta, $130,000.

Louis A. and Marlene K. Buckenmeyer to Mandi E. Lamphier, 3491 County Road 5, Delta, $128,000.

Brandon L. and Amy L. Cover to Richard J. and Joyce E. Seiler, 324 Primrose Lane, Archbold, $270,000.

Thomas J. and Jully H. Louis to Jesse L. and Yurino Gibson, 404 Brussel St., Archbold, $127,000.

Curt A. and Krystina E. Bowerman to Padron J. Fernando and Courtney K. Mata, 909 N. Defiance St., Archbold, $133,000.

Shawn E. Shulters to Earl R. and Melissa J. Detty, 3788 County Road T, Metamora, $218,000.

Melissa S. Davis to Anthony J. Menna, 210 Cypress Drive, Swanton, $257,397.

Tia M. and Trevor D. Fletcher to Erin N. and Timothy R. Hite, 16422 State Hwy. 108, Fayette, $175,000.

N.P. Dodge Jr., trustee, to William and Jeannie Dohrmann, 14285 County Road 2, Swanton, $453,000.