Defiance College job placement rate climbs

Staff report

Defiance College in the past year has seen its job placement rate climb to 96.8%, according to President Richanne Mankey. This marks the college’s highest level in nearly a decade.

“Students put a lot of faith in higher education to help them find a successful career,” Mankey said. “It is our responsibility to prepare students to go into the workforce with the academic knowledge of their chosen field but also with a sense of adaptability to new challenges and the creativity to prosper in an ever-changing world. Defiance College owes it to students to make certain they are ready to enter the work-force.”

Mankey said the college has had a career development office for years. However, in an effort to strengthen the college’s career focus, she decided to house the career development office under the newly-minted Institute for Career Readiness and Lifelong Learning.

“Our new institute is another acknowledgement of our commitment to Defiance College students being prepared for and obtaining a career,” Mankey said. “Not only did the college create this new institute, it also created a first-of-its-kind program called Jacket Journey. Now, students will be focusing on their career goals from matriculation to graduation. To our knowledge, Defiance is the first higher education institution to make career readiness a requirement in the academic curriculum.”

The institute offers a wide variety of career services to students and DC alumni, such as finding internships or field experiences, resume help, mock job interviews, and access to specialty employment boards, among other opportunities.

Staff report