County courthouse renovation awarded

Heritage Ohio has presented the Best Public Building Rehabilitation Award to the Fulton County Commissioners as part of Ohio’s Preservation Month in October.

Fulton County’s Italianate Tuscan Villa-style courthouse was built in 1872 for a cost of $45,722.27. The historic courthouse, listed on the national register in 1975, contains extensive artwork including murals, oil paintings, and wood carvings, plus a dome with stained glass.

For the current courthouse rehabilitation, the 10-month project had a budget of $3.86 million combining local and state funding. Funding sources include over $1 million from the county’s Title Bureau and $2.5 million collected from court user fees. Key professionals involved in the rehabilitation project were John Canning & Co., Ltd. of Cheshire, Conn.; Garmann Miller Architects-Engineers of Minster; and Mosser Construction Inc. of Fremont.

“When so many counties are struggling with their historic courthouses, it is indeed admirable to see the depth and commitment by the commissioners and citizens of Fulton County,” said Joyce Barrett, executive director of Heritage Ohio, a statewide revitalization nonprofit.