Common Pleas Court

Diane M. Halsey, Swanton, vs. Christina J. Stanton, Swanton, other torts.

Suzanne Hughes, Delta, vs. Geico Insurance Agency, Fredericksburg, Va., other civil.

Amos Schwartz, Swanton, vs. Jacob LaPlante, Newport, Mich., other civil.

Larry L. Syminton Jr., Wauseon, vs. Amber E. Symington, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage with children.

Richard C. Gray Jr., Toledo, vs. Jackson T. Gerken, Archbold, other civil.

Rafaela Estrada, Archbold, vs. Carlos Estrada, Stryker, termination of marriage without children.

Dale C. Jones, Swanton, vs. Unique Painting LLC, Belleville, Mich., other civil.

Amy J. Jeffries, Swanton, vs. Michael S. Jeffries, Swanton, dissolution of marriage with children.

Olivia Tressler, Wauseon, vs. Anthony Williams, Fort Wayne, Ind., non-support of dependents.

Charles W. Ott, Temperance, Mich., vs. Shirley L. Ott, Delta, dissolution of marriage without children.

Angel L. Cormack, Wauseon, vs. Mark A. Cormack, Defiance, support enforcement.

Cortney A. Boyd, Swanton, vs. Kyle Herrin, Lyons, support enforcement.

Jazmin E. Reynolds, Archbold, vs. Cole S. Reynolds, Defiance, support enforcement.

Sarah M. Westfall Lipinski, Swanton, vs. Mark A. Lipinski, Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Julie A. Moulton, Archbold, vs. Timothy Moulton, Toledo, termination of marriage without children.

Melissa R. Romero-Cogan, Wauseon, vs. Lester G. King, Archbold, other civil.

Alexis N. Brock, Wauseon, vs. Kyle C. Winseman, Delta, domestic violence.

Trudy Whitehead, Delta, vs. Christopher N. Kurucz, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

Marriage Licenses

Jeffrey H. Bennett, 50, Delta, diesel mechanic, and April A. Boyd, 48, Delta, crew leader.

Tyler Nolan, 26, Swanton, operations, and Hannah Y. Jackman, 24, STNA.

Otto J. Gruetter, 27, Delta, operator at First Solar, and Jackelyn D. Tibbets, 24, Grand Rapids, Ohio, registered medical assistant.

Jordan N. Musselman, 34, Swanton, driver, and Courtney M. Meeks, 26, Swanton, radiology technician.

Cecil S. Mitchell, 62, Swanton, retired, and Bettie J. Dean, 52, Swanton, kitchen manager.

Joshua M. Caudill, 39, Delta, self-employed, and Chastity L. Mitchell, 39, Delta, social worker.

Kory D. Schonsheck, 33, Southgate, Mich., stocking associate, and Lauren M. Broschat, 29, Southgate, Mich., hotel hospitality.

Real Estate Transfers

Blackrock Capital LLC to Kyle J. Keller and Hallie N. Dunning, 403 W. Garfield Ave., Swanton, $110,000.

Charles W. Otto to Austen R. Smith, 231 W. Main St., Delta, $107,000.

Sally J. Simon, trustee, to Morgan Hamrick, 13403 State Hwy. 64, Swanton, $95,000.

Linda A. Mahaney to Jeremy J. Mouch, 11015 County Road 14, Wauseon, $210,000.

Ellen Hostetter etal to George H. and Kurt A. Stuckey, Burr Road, Wauseon, $27,000.

Michael Barnes and Lisa C. Kruez to Jessica A. and Nathan Roque, 6333 State Hwy. 120, Metamora, $490,000.

Larry G. Lammon III to Steven S. Mathers, 318 Cedar St., Wauseon, $125,000.

Dana Oswald to Michael K. and Lisa C. Barnes, 13560 County Road 8-2, Delta, $386,000.

Ed Price to Brian W. and Sara K. Howard, 214 Woodland Ave., Swanton, $133,000.

Cedric R. Gisel to Ronald H. Bolesky, trustee, 320 W. Lutz, Archbold, $215,000.

Robert H. and Shirley A. Wittscheck, trustees, to William and Carolyn Burchett, 11111 County Road S, Lyons, $127,000.

Duane O. Dunlap to Juanita and Roger Erwin, 516 Adrian St., Delta, $150,000.

Linda S. Magnan, successor trustee, to Zeesky LLC, W. Stryker Street, Archbold, $15,000.

Michael J. and Jeannie M. Dijak, trustees, to Amy Scheirer, 603 N. Defiance St., Archbold, $174,300.