Miller Bros. celebrating 75 years

Miller Brothers Construction Inc. of Archbold is celebrating 75 years in business in 2020.

What began as a small local excavating firm grew to include three offices and approximately 550 employees.

Its origins began in 1945, when brothers Dale Miller and Floyd Miller started a small business digging ditches on the weekends and evenings. Over time, and with the addition of employees, the company grew to serve regional customers on earthwork and drainage-related projects.

Dean Miller and Bob Miller, sons of the founders, eventually rose to leadership roles and continued to diversify company operations. Highway projects and civil site work remained at the core of MBC’s services, with the addition of coal mining in Kentucky and West Virginia.

Today, Bradley Miller is at the helm. Under his leadership, the company has continued to expand service offerings and its geographical footprint. Miller Brothers Construction Inc. is now licensed in 12 states. In addition to the company headquarters in Archbold, MBC recently opened regional offices in central Ohio and southeast Michigan.

“When I was young, dad would take us and drive around on the weekends to look at projects. At the time, I thought it was pretty boring. Now, I look at things differently. It’s pretty amazing to be able to say we built this bridge or we built that project over here,” Miller said.

Fostering a sense of pride in construction is one of the company’s current initiatives. MBC is an active member of the I Build America movement, which is designed to promote construction as a career choice.

“Celebrating 75 years in business means celebrating the family and team that helped us get here, showing appreciation for the team that’s with us now, and looking toward the future,” Miller said. “We can’t continue to grow without a skilled workforce, which is why I Build America is such an important effort. We know construction is a great industry with a lot of opportunity. Our goal is to bring that message to parents, teachers, guidance counselors, schools and individuals.”

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