Common Pleas Court

Kimberly E. Livingston, no address, vs. Ryan S. Wesley, Delray Beach, Fla., non-support of dependents.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, Anaheim, Calif., vs. Unknown Heirs Fiduciaries Devis, foreclosure.

Marriage Licenses

Sarahanne L. Dauwalter, 34, Delta, dementia practitioner, and Chelsey M. Beam,27, Delta, DSP.

Tyler M. Mitchell, 28, Brooklyn, Mich., Xerox, and Brittany A. Lesniak, 27, Wauseon, U.S. Army.

John M. Slawinski, 28, Swanton, cashier, and Emily H. Ludemann, 26, Swanton, deli clerk.

Jack D. Warncke Jr., 30, Wauseon, heavy equipment operator, and Jessica M. Scheffler, 25, Wauseon, registered nurse.

Michael B. Woronec, 37, Lyons, military, and Sarah L. Dawley, 40, Lyons, legal editor.

Bill C. Johnston, 77, Delta, mechanical engineer, and Judith A. Matjasic, 73, Delta, retired.

Logan J. Miller, 24, Waldron, Mich., yard horse, and Caitlyn T. Leach, 24, Waldron, Mich., RCA.

Cory S. Carnahan, 29, Archbold, maintenance technician, and Tia Marie Campos, 26, Archbold, registered nurse.

Real Estate Transfers

Michael A. and Susan M. Hallett to Jeanine S. Vallejo, 7845 County Road 3, Swanton, $272,000.

Thomas C. Yackee to Angela R. and Ernest A. Robinson, 407 W. Main St., Fayette, $43,000.

Christopher C. and Pamela Fahringer to Anthony J. Giardini and Taylor A. Dotson, 13259 County Road 16, Wauseon, $115,000.

Lonnie L. Short to ZKC Investments LLC, 1398 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $120,000.

Debbie S. Oswald to PBF Investments LLC, 253 German St., Pettisville, $48,000.

Cecelia S. Coon Hughes to John Seawater, 306 Walnut St., Archbold, $115,500.

Douglas A. Williams and Melissa Eskins to Lori L. Fields, 15608 County Road M, Wauseon, $45,000.

KLM Rentals LLC to Patricia Sniegowski, 2 Glacier Lane, Delta, $197,900.

Scott P. and Melissa S. Zaciewski to Jacob and Sara Pennington, 14130 County Road 5-1, Metamora, $321,000.

James E. and Mona M. Sauder to I&P Home Properties Ltd., S. Shoop Avenue, Wauseon, $28,000.

Douglas L. Willeman and Laura Miller to Casey M. and Paige E. Elson, 13806 County Road D, Wauseon, $256,000.

Thomas L. and Tasha M. Simpson to Grant W. Beebe and Kimberly S. Moore, 201 Dodge St., Swanton, $152,000.

Steven McElrath to Paul D. and Abby Lin Harmon, 414 W. Park St., Wauseon, $81,400.

KLM Rentals LLC to Timothy A. Creek and Patricia Mazur-Creek, 6 Glacier Lane, Delta, $199,000.

Joseph Schwind and Maria Linke, co-trustees, to Timothy O. Caldwell and Rhonda C. Larkins, 122 Edgewood Ave., Delta, $128,250.

Randy L. Haury, trustee, to Dustin H. Haury, 1453 County Road U, Metamora, $330,000.

Jerry and Debra A. Lange to Kelly M. Nagel, 720 E. Oak St., Wauseon, $200,000.

Robert W. Czajka to Denny L. Viers, 212 Woodland Ave., Swanton, $38,000.

Richard D. and Pamela D. Groves to Katelyn M. and Jared A. Huiskens, 118 Hallett Ave., Swanton, $135,400.

Devin Johnson to Stephen Heilman, 118 Lincoln St., Delta, $108,455.

Thomas R. and Karyn D. Rupp to Jacob and Tessa Bruner, 404 W. Park St., Wauseon, $195,000.

Jacob F. Simon to Joshua Simon, 1526 U.S. 20, Swanton, $155,000.

Judd J. and Evangelina E. Brawley to Andru S. Montague, 205 Degroff Ave., Archbold, $131,000.

Todd J. and Troy J. Rychener, trustees, Cedric R. Gisel to 4804 County Road 19, Wauseon, $210,000.

Mark W. Wanemacher and Jeff Rupp to Nicholas D. and Sarra E. Hudson, 7512 State Hwy. 66, Archbold, $185,000.

Karen M. Hess, trustee to Daniel J. and Kelly J. Culler, 542 Wood St., Delta, $58,000.

Norman E. Bechstein to Jeffrey L. and Deborah K. Joseph, 1216 Lillian Lane, Wauseon, $251,125.

Shah and Watts Partnership to Nicholas J. and Ashley R. Kessler, trustees, 800 Eastwood Drive, Delta, $9,000.

Jeffrey A. and Jennifer M. Mazurowski to Jerry Moroyoqui, 204 N. Madison St., Delta, $145,000.