Quadco Board hears about ODODD requirements

STRYKER – Compliance with Ohio Department of Developmental Disability (ODODD) requirements and financial audit outcomes were the main topics of discussion at Quadco Rehabilitation Center’s regular monthly meeting.

Quadco Executive Director, Bruce Abell, shared with board members that the organization has been seeing an increase in the number of individuals returning to programming. Abell told the group that the agency is “focusing on ensuring that services are provided with the utmost caution and concern for program participant and staff safety. At this time, we are limited on the number of individuals we are able to serve in each of our three facilities. There are certain criteria that need to be met and our staff are working closely with our funding sources to meet the requirements necessary for participants to safely return to work.”

Abell reviewed the ODODD Strategic Plan for Fiscal Year 2020 – 2021 which included three goals and their subsequent objectives, highlighting the department’s desire to create a Blueprint for Adult Day and Employment Services. Abell stated that the Blueprint portion will be of special interest to Quadco and other providers of day services and assured the Board when the Blueprint is released, he would share the details with them in a future meeting. Abell also told the group that Quadco’s Internal Compliance Committee has been focusing primarily on staff certification and the COVID related compliance requirements.

Jim Rensi of Luderman and Konst, Inc. presented the results of the agency’s 2018-2019 fiscal audit. Rensi reported that the audit finding was an unqualified clean opinion and the organization continues to operate utilizing sound business and accounting practices.

In other business:

• Mr. Abell told the Board Members that in July seven staff members were recalled from COVID related lay-off and five more staff members are being recalled in August.

• Northwest Employment Services is serving 50 individuals in job placement related capacities and posted successful referral closures exceeding statewide average by 14%.

The next meeting of the Board will be Sept. 22 in the Stryker facility conference room. Due to COVID related restrictions, attendance is limited to 10 board members and staff.