Wauseon schools begin energy project

Staff Report

Wauseon Exempted Village Schools recently kicked off a $3.1 million project with Dynamix Energy Services to optimize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs in their facilities.

Humidity and other comfort issues caused by a failing, aging HVAC system at the primary school motivated the district to look into an energy project to fund a system replacement in the facility. By upgrading the district’s control system, the energy usage at the elementary/middle school and high school will be greatly reduced. Additionally, student and staff comfort will be improved by new temperature controls, and health of occupants will be improved by installation of updated ventilation equipment.

The savings generated by reduced energy and operating costs will be used to fund the district’s much-needed HVAC upgrades, including replacement of two 160-ton air-cooled chillers/AC units at the high school. Additionally, the project savings will cover the costs to upgrade to new LED stage lighting in the high school auditorium. Wauseon will also be utilizing Orchestrate, an integrated smart building software platform developed by Dynamix to measure/verify energy savings in their facilities as well as more effectively manage their solar system, lighting, controls, energy usage, door access, and more.

Because the project will be self-funded through energy and operating cost savings, Wauseon’s capital budgets will be unaffected. The project is guaranteed to generate approximately $208,500 in energy and natural gas cost-savings in the first year and will maintain similar savings for years to come, generating an annual positive cash flow for Wauseon from the onset throughout the life of the project, according to a press release.

The upgrades will also reduce energy and natural gas consumption by 1,239,002 kWh and 12,648 MCF, respectively. “We feel extremely fortunate to be able to partner with a top-notch organization like Dynamix. This partnership will reap huge dividends for our students, staff and community as a whole for years to come. Having the ability to pull something like this off at no cost to our taxpayers coupled with our ability to bring local vendors into the fold equals a win, win, for Wauseon,” the district shared in a press release.

Dynamix Energy Services, Wauseon’s partner for the project, is a full-service Energy Services Company that focuses on implementing and installing creative, well-engineered energy solutions that exceed market savings goals. Dynamix Energy Services is one of eight award-winning member companies in the Veregy portfolio of energy service companies, which has 31 years of industry experience and has delivered $1.7B in energy savings projects. Energy conservation projects may include building automation systems, fine tuning & retro-commissioning, HVAC efficiency upgrades, LED lighting and controls, building envelope, renewable energy, and more.

The Dynamix Team has experience delivering energy efficiency solutions to K-12 schools across the State of Ohio. The firm has partnered with Groveport Madison Schools, Reynoldsburg City Schools, Fairfield Union Local Schools, among others, to make similar facility improvements and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost-savings annually.

Wauseon and Dynamix will be utilizing local contractors/vendors throughout the project including Krauss-Lane Electric and Earl Mechanical Services. The project team will be working around Wauseon’s academic schedule, maintaining health and safety as a top priority, estimating a completion period of 45 weeks.


Staff Report