Common Pleas Court

Trisha N. Corley, Napoleon, vs. Joshua D. Corley, Wauseon, termination of marriage with children.

Laura M. Thomas, Delta, vs. Drew D. Pelland, Swanton, other civil.

Scott W. Leatherman, Defiance, vs. Julie A. Leatherman, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage without children.

Marriage Licenses

Kevin J. Daniels, 27, Riga, Mich., CAD, and Heather N. Felkey, 28, Riga, Mich., pharmaceutical sales.

Caleb A. Malosh, 25, Wauseon, welder, and Jessica E. McDaniel, 37, Wauseon, server.

Dillon L. Branderhorst, 24, Oskaloosa, Iowa, farmer, and Neila M. Kinsman, 22, Oskaloosa, Iowa, customer service.

Joshua D. Miller, 28, Wauseon, mechanic, and Destiny J. Salyers, 26, Wauseon, freelance.

Tyler D. Wilson, 22, Wauseon, nurse, and Rebecca L. Schmucker, 23, Archbold, marketing.

Thomas R. Ricard, 31, Fayette, cane technician, and Kaila L. Long, 29, Fayette, STNA, student.

Real Estate Transfers

Thomas F. Mathers Jr. to Kurt J. Brown, 203 Monroe St., Delta, $113,000.

Timothy J. and Miriam A. Suter to Adam J. Brown, 5570 State Hwy. 109, Delta, $315,000.

Max R. and Terri L. Forster, trustees, to Thomas Bires and Katie Timbrook, 13195 County Road 2, Swanton, $270,000.

Alexa M. Schaffner to Gavin N. Camp and Jessica P. Williams, 325 S. Maplewood St., Wauseon, $152,000.

Paul M. and Michelle L. LaPlante to John C. Kern Jr. and Debra A. Nisch, 5175 County Road 1, Swanton, $295,000.

Jeffrey M. and Penny L. Earl to Nathan J. and Angela C. Earl, 12521 County Road M, Wauseon, $100,000.

Kim M. and Kristene K. Clark to Albert C. Scheopner, 229 E. Oak St., Wauseon, $174,000.

Timothy A. and Nannie K. Wilson to Megan R. Cole, 105 Washington St., Delta, $125,000.

Kurt L. Schell to Drew Johnson and R. Alexander, County Road 1, Swanton, $285,000.

Karen J. Parsons to Anthony M. and Monica A. Zitzman, 205 N. Willow St., Wauseon, $129,000.

Michael F. and Ronni Klein to Jason T. Williams, 1070 County Road 4, Liberty Center, $165,123.

Barbara E. Johnston to Cody C. Pontious, 13721 County Road 16-3, Wauseon, $16,000.

Jill E. Lugbill to Steven J. and Stacy L. Riegsecker, 5103 County Road 19, Wauseon, $259,000.

The L Club to Myrl and Shirley A. Meller, 110 E. Main St., Fayette, $2,000.

Benjamin J. Grisier to Jet Enterprises LLC, 540 Enterprise Drive, Wauseon, $240,000.

Eric J. and Patricia A. Dominique to Krauss-Lane Electric LLC, 502 N. Fulton St., Wauseon, $18,000.

Walter J. Hallett to Stephen R. and Sandra Cook, 202 Lincoln St., Swanton, $105,000.

Curtis L. Stantz, successor trustee, to Larry G. Lammon III and Casey A. Johnson, 7651 County Road 13, Wauseon, $230,000.

Suzanne Boyer and Elaine Dauch to Kyle Riley, 622 Taylor Drive, Delta, $15,000.

Joshua C. Wyse to Timothy W. and Amy E. Jones, 6758 County Road 26, Archbold, $167,500.

Suzanne Boyer and Elaine Dauch to Jeff Gieger, 109 Redbud Drive, Swanton, $21,250.

Jed O. and Tempy R. Mignano to Kris T. and James D. Osborn, 11130 County Road 12, Wauseon, $182,000.

My Great Escape LLC to Rick E. Demoe, 10 Yellowstone Lane, Delta, $219,900.

Barbara Booth to Paul H. III and Mike Rachow, 12066 Marzolf Lane, Fayette, $25,000.

Nancy J. Hulings to David E. and Nancy S. Hutchins, 115 W. Leggett St., Wauseon, $84,000.

Shelly M. Brooks to Frankland J. Atkinson, 112 Elm St., Swanton, $155,000.