Second primary sees very low turnout

Staff Report

Very low turnout in Fulton County marked the year’s second primary election on Tuesday. The primary was created Ohio General Assembly races, but both Senate and House races in the county were uncontested.

In House District 81, Republican James M. Hoops received 318 votes. The Senate District 1, Republican Robert McColley received 319 votes.

Overall, the turnout was only 1.82%, according to figures from the Fulton County Board of Elections. There were 534 ballots cast out of 29,354 registered voters.

In central committee races, Andrew VanHorn had 97 Fulton County votes and Charles A. Bakle 75 for Democratic men in the 1st Senate District. Eve Gray was unopposed for women in the district.

On the Republican side, Tony J. Schroeder received 153 Fulton County votes, Robert E. Campbell 120, and James Horton 39 for central committee man. For Central Committee woman, Gina R. Campbell received 134 votes, LuAnne Cooke 108, and Haydee Sadler 70.

Staff Report