Confirmed COVID-19 cases slow to rise in Fulton Co.

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Here are the latest details on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the area:

• Fulton County had 57 total cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday, according to the Fulton County Health Department. There were 56 confirmed cases and one probable case.

There are 53 individuals no longer required to either quarantine or isolate.

The age range of cases in Fulton County is 0-79 years old. Twenty-nine females and 28 males are among the cases.

There have been seven county patients hospitalized total. There have been no fatalities reported.

Lucas County had 2,600 cases and 301 deaths as of Tuesday. Defiance County had 45 cases and three deaths, Williams 65 cases and two deaths, and Henry 29 cases.

There were 51,789 COVID-19 cases overall in Ohio, with 48,222 confirmed and 3,567 probable cases using the expanded CDC definition. Statewide, there had been 7,839 hospitalizations and 1,994 intensive care unit admissions related to the disease.

The age range of cases in Ohio is less than one year to 109 years old.

There are 2,615 confirmed deaths statewide, with 248 more probable COVID-19 deaths.

• Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said on Tuesday that hospitalizations and positivity rate are increasing in the state.

Last week was the first week of increasing COVID-19 hospital utilization in Ohio after over two months of decreasing utilization since late April. From June 21-27, Ohio had approximately 500 to 550 total COVID-19 patients in hospitals statewide. This week, there are approximately 650 COVID-19 patients in hospitals statewide.

In comparison, the number of standard hospital beds occupied by COVID-19 positive patients had peaked in late April and early May at about 1,000, and reached a low of 513 on June 20th.

“Thankfully, ICU and ventilator utilization at the state level is still holding steady, but we are seeing increases in some areas of the state, such as in the Cleveland, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas,” said DeWine. “In other regions of the state, COVID-19 hospital occupancy had been declining but now appears to have leveled off.”

Although COVID-19 utilization in hospitals is increasing, there is still adequate overall capacity available across the state, according to state officials. No region has reached the concern threshold of 80 percent overall utilization for ICU beds.

DeWine also explained that the increase in positive COVID-19 cases is not fully due to Ohio’s increase in testing.

“Ohio’s positivity rate has increased slightly as our testing totals have increased,” he said. “If the spread of this virus remained at a low level, more testing should show a lower positivity. The increase of our positivity rate, even as we are doing more testing, means that we are likely picking up signs of broader community spread.”

• DeWine also announced that he is extending existing health orders through this week as his administration finalizes plans to help local schools safely reopen, as well as plans to keep Ohioans healthy and safe.

“These plans will take us into the next phase, a distinct and different phase of continuing to keep Ohio open as we head into the second half of 2020,” said DeWine.

Details on this new phase are anticipated to be released on Thursday.

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