Common Pleas Court

Amberlyn M. Smith, Kappel, Pa., vs. Archie W. Lee IV, Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Maeghan L. Wolfrum, Fayette, vs. Derek T. Wolfrum, Lansing, Mich., non-support of dependents.

Kayla Reckner, Wauseon, vs. Shawn Murray, Delta, termination of marriage without children.

Wells Fargo Bank, as trustee, Mt. Laurel, N.J., vs. Ross A. Adkins, Wauseon, foreclosure.

Lois Bernholtz, Delta, vs. Brian Bernholtz, Delta, other civil.

Gerald W. Witt, Lyons, vs. Phillip J. Witt, Lyons, domestic violence.

Melissa D. Vine, Archbold, Timothy W. Vine, Fayette, dissolution of marriage without children.

Travis Schaller, Swanton, vs. Kaitlyn Schaller, Delta, dissolution of marriage without children.

Real Estate Transfers

Patrick Matthews and Michelle Matthews to Isaac D. and Chelsea S. Jeffers, 16900 County Road K, Wauseon, $203,700.

Dustin Downing to Audrey Thacker and Derek A. Schuette, 720 S. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $78,000.

Gregory C. Farell, successor trustee, to Lauretta Slawinski and Eugene Jeffries, 205 Cherry St., Swanton, $75,000.

David S. Ondo to Lisa and Brandon E. Peluso, 108 Peachtree Lane, Swanton, $255,000.

Groeneweg Rental LLC to Andrew J. Miller, 422 S. Fayette St., Fayette, $62,700.

Kevin L. and Robin Stamm to Kyler M. and Allyssia R. Hootman, 109 S. Defiance St., Archbold, $100,000.

Lonny J. and Shelly A. Huner to Jacob L. and Autume N. Huner, 13979 County Road AC, Wauseon, $62,150.

Lori L. Vandesande to Roger D. Debacker, trustee, County Road 7, Metamora, $245,511.

Randy Coleman to Lukas A. Simon and Ray N. Simon, 133, 121 W. Main St., Metamora, $30,000.

Shirley K. Hamilton to Allison M. Cuff and Isaac J. Schaffner, 11601 County Road M, Wauseon, $123,500.

Joan L. Smith, successor trustee, to Zachary J. and Paige Grosjean, 200 Church St., Archbold, $150,000.

Bonita Merillat to NSE and DNM, 23030 U.S. 20, Fayette, $136,000.

Constance P. Fetterman to Daniel E. Reed, 6706 County Road L, Delta, $126,000.

Richard J. and Carol J. Kleck to Jennifer L. Shank and Michelle L. Heishman, 6876 County Road H, Delta, $210,000.

James and Mary Broyles to Erin E. Lutheran, 2055 County Road H, Swanton, $170,000.

Marsha Sauder to Samih H. Aljamal, 306 Vine St., Archbold, $126,000.

Jerry L. Meller etal to Kathryn E. Hoepfl, 506 Adrian St., Delta, $36,850.