Common Pleas Court

Shannon Hall, Swanton, vs. Matthew Hitt, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

Joel Rivera, Wauseon, vs. Lawrence Westhoven Jr., Tucson, Ariz., other torts.

Elise M. Kretz, Wauseon, vs. Timothy E. Kretz, Defiance, dissolution of marriage without children.

Amelia Witkowski, Wauseon, vs. Jeremy Witkowski, Northwood, Ohio, support enforcement.

Fifth Third Bank, Kentwood, Mich., vs. Ford Family Trucking LLC, Wauseon, other civil.

Amy L. Kuhlman, Delta, vs. Ryan J. Kuhlman, Toledo, Ohio, support enforcement.

Adriana Jimenez, Wauseon, vs. Alejandro A. Martinez, Wauseon, support enforcement.

Carrie Yeary, Wauseon, vs. James Yeary, Holland, Ohio, support enforcement.

Mark Myers, Swanton, vs. Dianna L. Myers, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

Tammy Belman, Wauseon, vs. Todd Belman, termination of marriage with children.

Kassandra L. Smith, Wauseon, vs. Walter K. Smith, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage without children.

Marriage Licenses

Marcos Medina Triana, 47, Wauseon, sheet fitter, and Socorro Juarez, 49, Wauseon, factory worker.

Zebulon J. Frank, 26, Archbold, teacher, and Carley J. Hoffmire, 25, Napoleon, teacher.

Marc A. Callahan, 23, Delta, manager trainee, and McKenzee A. Schaffner, 21, Fayette, paraprofessional.

Aaron C. Donaldson, 41, Bluffton, Ohio, and tire builder, and Shannon M. Burkholder, 35, Bluffton, Ohio, restaurant.

Dean A. Woods, 64, Swanton, retired, and Debrah A. Davidson, 60, Swanton, teacher.

Eric S. Hall, 43, Sarasota, Fla., self-employed, and Aimee N. Everly, 41, Wauseon, registered nurse.

Brent J. Wingerd, 24, Blissfield, Mich., mechanic, and Amanda L. Clapsaddle, 22, Blissfield, Mich., hair stylist.

Benjamin P. Van Gorden, 25, Archbold, sales representative, and Taylor M. Kruse, 26, Archbold, ruminant nutritionist.

Tyler G. Rhoades, 27, Swanton, project manager, and Kendra L. Heltman, 27, Swanton, teacher.

Greg A. Nagel, 54, Wauseon, mechanic, and Jill L. Hildreth, 47, Wauseon, material handler.

Real Estate Transfers

Darek Chelminiak to Jennifer Garner, 1920 County Road U, Metamora, $95,000.

Bradley J. and Karen S. Haupricht, co-trustees, to Larry R. Huffman and Joyce Helen, 2071 Holiday Lane, Swanton, $95,000.

David K. Brushaber to Andrew Watts, 9084 County Road J, Delta, $172,000.

Sharon K. Mignin to Jason M. and Megan E. Martz, 909 Olds Lane, Archbold, $250,000.

Helen Murdock to Jason J. Smith, 300 Meadow Lane, Archbold, $123,500.

Donald L. Taylor and Sarah M. Smith to Noah and Brittany Quick, 104 Bankey Ave., Archbold, $125,200.

Dorothy M. Gillen to Kasey L. Limongi, 116 W. St. Clair St., Swanton, $85,000.

Candace J. Wilkinson to Robert D. Smith Jr. and Lisa C. Ziegler, 212 E. Main St., Metamora, $82,000.

Kaleb C. and Jasmine L. Torbet to Maxwell Orrin McConnell, 385 Virginia Drive, Wauseon, $165,000.

David T. Fleck to Zoe Anderzack Properties LLC, 2695 County Road H, Swanton, $260,000.

Douglas P. and Lora T. Hubby to Larry P. and Kristina Lewis and David Hite, 26534 County Road E, Archbold, $240,000.

David Hite to Cody E. Comstock and Aubrey Milligan, 404 Maplewood Ave., Delta, $110,000.

Alan L. Jans and Markus L. Jans to Juniors 2015 Ltd., 100 Jackson St., Delta, $70,000.

Southwood Falls LLC to Robert F. and Betty L. Carter, 8 Cascade Lane, Delta, $24,500.

Dorothy Bernath to Brian L. Ball, 406 Park St., Archbold, $77,500.

Elroy A Jr. and Pamela M. Schroeder to Larry W. and Elaine F. Short, trustees, County Road 20 and County Road 21 rear, Fayette, $725,000.

David C. Arend and Daniel P. Arend to Douglas L. and Debra M. King, 700 Murbach St., Archbold, $139,000.

Larry D. Snow to Austin K. and Nadean D. Griffith, 4698 County Road 19, Wauseon, $175,000.

Kevin G. Frey, trustee, to Joe H. and Kelli S. Bok, 26788 County Road E, Archbold, $385,000.

Lee C. Slee to Ma Irene Reyes-Fenton, 10831 County Road K, Delta, $35,000.

Mark S. and Miche Hettmansperger to David E. Jr. and Brenda S. Pencheff, 1854 County Road 9, Delta, $190,000.