Evergreen locker room project put on hold

By Drew Stambaugh - [email protected]

The Evergreen Local Schools Board of Education agreed May 18 not to move forward with a planned locker room renovation and addition due to the financial crunch created by COVID-19.

“After consulting with the finance committee of the board, I do not recommend moving forward with this project at this time due to the uncertainty of the amount of state funding cuts for next school year and the long term effects the pandemic will have on the economy,” said Superintendent Eric Smola.

To move forward with the project, a significant transfer from the general fund would be required. That was going to be made possible, at least in part, by tax money collected from the NEXUS and Rover pipelines.

”We were hopeful that pipeline money was going to be able to take a major portion of this and we need to use that money to make sure we cover our existing expenses,” said board member Don Smith.

The $1.9 million dollar facelift was to include a new female and male varsity locker room for athletics and renovating the existing male and female locker rooms to be used for physical education classes. In addition, coaches offices, a film room, and an addition to the current weight training facility were planned.

“All of the planning for the project is complete, and it is ready if we want to rebid it at a later time,” said Smola.


The Evergreen school board approved many personnel items at the meeting, including three resignations. They accepted the resignations of Mandy Rupp, intervention specialist; Elizabeth Niese, intervention specialist; and Janette Cooper, Spanish teacher, effective July 31.

They offered a three-year administrative contract to Dan Curtis, high school principal.

One-year limited non-teaching, non-bargaining unit contracts were offered to Jennifer Conrad, director of communications; Betty Bieber, assistant treasurer; and Megan Ansted, district attendence/student outreach officer.

They offered continuing teaching contracts to Jennifer Burkholder, Lucas Burkholder, Brittaney Cymbolin, Kelsey Ford, and Matthew Seifert. Three-year limited teaching contracts were offered to Caitlin Adamczak, Alicia Ford, Ana Ford, Meranda Kelley, Emily Loeffler, Chris Lyons, Amanda Matyi, Katie Pierce, Audra Roesti, Aaron Schmidt, Dan Steel, Jonathan Torrence, Chelsea Truckor, Stacey Wyse, and Melanie Yoder.

Two-year limited teaching contracts were offered to Kelly Carmean and Robert Stierman. The board offered one-year limited teaching contracts to Shane Bergman, Heather Christensen, Kristi Hennessy, Jillian Hergenreder, Adrian Meier, Abby Pennington, Jessica Root, Luke Rosen, Danette Setmire, Danielle Urbanski, and Tori Wright.

Board members also:

• Approved the memorandum of understanding between the Evergreen Education Association and the Evergreen Board of Education to supersede Article IX of the Professional Negotiated Agreement and modifying evaluation process as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the passage of Ohio House Bill 197, for the 2019-2020 school year.

• Approved a resolution to maintain compensation to all regular employees as well as service providers during the mandated school closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the passage of H.B. 197 for the 2019-2010 school year in order to maintain business operations and facility management.

• Approved the resolution of urgent necessity to dispense with statutory bidding procedures in order to re-bid the district-wide fire panel project in order for work can be completed prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

• Approved the granting of high school diplomas to the members of the Class of 2020 on May 31, pending their successful completion of all graduation requirements as determined by the high school principal.

By Drew Stambaugh

[email protected]