Health Inspections

Dairy Queen, Archbold

Critical: None.

Non-critical: No ingredients list on ice cream cakes; non-commercial toasters in use; slight build-up on ice machine; missing trash can lid in women’s restroom.

No violations in Archbold: El Meson Del Taco, Dinner By Design, Susie’s Lunch.

Delta Village Tavern, Delta

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Damaged ceiling tiles.

Marco’s Pizza, Delta

Critical: None.

Non-critical: No test strips available.

Delta F.O.E #2597, Delta

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial equipment in use.

No violations in Delta: Lassus Handy Dandy, Delta Kwik Stop, Speedway, Subway.

Circle K, Fayette

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial chest freezer in use; residue on milk racks.

Amigos Pizza & Mexican Food, Fayette

Critical: Refried and rice at temperature below required 135 degrees or above Fahrenheit, and tomatoes not cooled; undated prepared food items; sanitizer in sink below required measure.

Non-critical: Non-commercial microwave and chest freezer in use; build-up on refrigerator racks, tea stains on pop racks, and ice build-up in upright freezer; dust and debris behind and under kitchen equipment; wall with water damage.

No violations in Fayette: Fayette Supermarket.

Village Mart & Carryout, Lyons

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Bulk food not prominently labeled.

Traci’s Cozy Corner Cafe, Lyons

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial equipment in use; reach-in cooler leaking; sink leaking.

White City Restaurant, Lyons

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial toasters in use; light shielding missing in food preparation area; debris accumulated on floor under kitchen equipment.

No violations in Lyons: Vikings Pizzeria.

Pisanello’s Pizza, Swanton

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial equipment in use.

Toledo 76, Swanton

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Wiping cloth stored on counter near coffee dispenser; no handwash cleanser available; no drying provisions available in handwash sink location.

Swanton Drug, Swanton

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Restroom receptacle needs cover.

St. Mary’s Meats, Swanton

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Corn nuts have no ingredient listing.

Assumption Express, Swanton

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial microwave in use; Dumpster located in grass/stone area.

Downtown Sports Bar & Grill, Swanton

Critical: Raw meat in cooler undated (corrected at inspection time); person in charge not available at inspection time.

Non-critical: Utility sink not sealed to wall; minimum number of handwashing sinks; weak lighting in food preparation area; grease accumulated on fryers; unnecessary items in dishwashing area.

China Garden, Swanton

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Ice scoop stored in ice bin; non-commercial freezer in use; reach-in cooler not at proper temperature; restroom receptacle needs cover; build-up of dirt and debris on floor under shelving and equipment.

No violations in Swanton: WB Ranch, Swanton High School.

Burger King, Wauseon

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Grease build-up along rack below holding area for French fries, and slight build-up under customer self-service area.

The Brown Bag Market, Wauseon

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Dessert items missing list of ingredients.

American Legion Post #265, Wauseon

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial refrigerator, mini-fridge, freezers in use.

Marco’s Pizza, Wauseon

Critical: Spray bottles with no labels.

Non-critical: Dust build-up inside vent hood at pizza oven.

Dairy Queen, Wauseon

Critical: None.

Non-critical: No ingredients listed on ice cream cakes; insulation falling off walk-in freezer drain pipe; condensation in walk-in cooler.

Holiday Inn Express, Wauseon

Critical: Scrambled eggs, sausage had internal temperature under proper temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Non-critical: Box of cinnamon rolls stored on floor; no soap provided at handwash sink; debris and residue in cabinet areas throughout.

Fortune Kitchen, Wauseon

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Food items with no prevention of contamination; non-food grade containers used for food storage; food items on buffet with no utensils.

Skye Cinema, Wauseon

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Ice scoop on top of ice machine; non-commercial grade upright freezer in use.

No violations in Wauseon: D and J Catering, Heartland of Wauseon, Best Western Del Mar, Taco Bell.