Swanton gets extended time for fireworks decision

By Drew Stambaugh - dstambaugh@aimmediamidwest.com

The Village of Swanton will have more time to decide whether to hold the 2020 Fireworks Fest. The original contract had required any cancellation prior to 60 days before the show, which would have been April 28.

“American Fireworks has advised due to the current situation they are willing to work with clients to extend the terms,” said Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle. “It will be brought before Council again soon.”

The Public Service Committee met on April 27, not knowing whether there would be an extension. The committee wanted more time to make a decision.

“This is a special circumstance for everybody. I understand they would be taking a huge hit too, but we’ve also been good customers for a long, long time,” said Craig Rose, Councilman and Public Service Committee member. “I wish we had more time to think about it. It has been changing rapidly. I hate to make a decision tonight.”

Guessing what social distancing guidelines may be in place closer to the Fourth of July makes it a difficult decision. If not canceled, one possible option is to have the fireworks show but not the gathering part of the celebration that includes food trucks and other vendors at the high school.

The village has already paid $12,500 of the $25,000 show cost. The original contract called for the village to lose that entire amount if it canceled after April 28.

The village would have lost $6,250 if it canceled early last week, under the original terms.

With the extension, village officials will now have more time to see what new guidelines and recommendations may be coming out of Governor Mike DeWine’s office.

The committee also discussed applying for NatureWorks grant funding for Memorial Park parking lot improvements. Committee members decided to apply for a grant to help pay for seal coating and lining 81 spots in the upper parking areas at the park.

The estimated cost is $13,000. The grant sought would be $9,750 with the village paying $3,250.

Other business

• The future of the 1923 fire truck stored by the village was discussed by the Public Safety Committee. Sauder Village has requested use of the truck for its 1920s display area.

Kathy Kreuz, committee chair, said they are more than happy to have the truck used at Sauder Village.

• Hoelzle reported that Project 10 sewer separation is on schedule.

• Swanton Local Schools requested the waiving of application fees for construction of pavilions at the elementary school and middle school. The pavilions would be paid for by the Swanton Parents Club. The structures would be used for school and after-school community usage.

Council approved honoring the waiver.

• The Project 8 and 9 sewer separation was discussed by the Public Service Committee. Committee members recommended going forward on planning for reconstruction of Mettabrook Drive and potential curbing of W. Garfield Avenue between Munson and Browning roads, according to Chair David Pilliod.

• The design is being planned for improvements to the business and Dodge Street alleys in the village. Everything should be ready for bid in the next week or two.

It was noted that the parking area near the railroad tracks at Main Street is not in the village right of way, and therefore not included in the project.

• Mayor Neil Toeppe reported that the Corn Festival Committee is considering whether or not to hold the festival. Social distancing regulations could pose a problem.

• The insurance company is soliciting updated quotes for the Beard Pavilion replacement. It was destroyed by a tree.

The company that provided the quote the claim is based off of is now out of business.

• Council approved second readings of ordinances for street light and leaf collection assessments. The new assessments will results in a decrease of 50 cents per year for property owners.


By Drew Stambaugh


Reach Drew Stambaugh at 419-335-2010

Reach Drew Stambaugh at 419-335-2010