Board hopes to hold Fulton County Fair

With the Delta Chicken Festival and Wauseon Homecoming already cancelled for 2020, there have been questions whether the Fulton County Fair would be next. At this time, the fair, which takes place later in the summer, is still a go.

“Our hope and plan are to have our Fair,” said Dennis Wyse, Fulton County Fair Board President. “What it will look like including judging, entertainment, vendors, merchants, grandstand events, etc., we just do not know yet.”

The Board is monitoring CDC guidelines as well as working with the Fulton County Health Department and Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.

“This decision is not ours alone,” said Wyse. “We are committed to providing the best experience we can in an environment that puts the health and safety of our community members first. In this ever changing, uncertain time we are working with individuals and organizations to explore workable, safe options.”

The goal is to have a rough plan for the fair, slated for Sept. 4-10, sketched out in June.

“Until then, we ask for your patience but more importantly, that you look after your neighbors, support the small businesses in your community and extend patience and kindness to others,” said Wyse.