Common Pleas Court

The Elders of the First, no address, vs. no listing, other civil.

Champion Credit Union Inc., Toledo, Ohio, vs. Dennis D. Keefer, Wauseon, other civil.

Helen M. Elkins, Montpelier, vs. Derek J. Leininger, Fayette, other civil.

Tondra R. Poston, Defiance, vs. Karen McAfee, Archbold, other civil.

Martin Mosher, Swanton, vs. Christopher Lapoint, Swanton, other civil.

Erie Insurance Co., Erie, Pa., vs. Misty Wade, Wauseon, other civil.

Mary J. Green, Delta, vs. Michael J. Roelfsema, Wauseon, other civil.

Troy M. Hoffman, Wauseon, vs. Brittany Roth, Wauseon, domestic violence.

Christie L. Leffler, Delta, vs. Christopher J. Leffler, Delta, domestic violence.

Real Estate Transfers

Lou Wheeler and Jeanette Meridew to Carol L. Nofziger, trustee, 8950 County Road 12-1, Wauseon, $525,000.

Paul D. Shull Ltd. to Ryan P. and Brittany Robertson, 914 N. Ottokee St. Wauseon, $72,500.

Cindy S. Jones to Keri S. Grooms, 402 West St., Archbold, $121,000.

Great Lake District of the to William E. Jr. and Lorie A. Carey, E. St. Clair St. and 111 Franklin St., Swanton, $59,400.

Robert and Jodi Kearney to Kevin Naus, 2200 County Road 16, Wauseon, $251,000.

Mark W. and Charlene E. Ellinwood to Madison E. Dunning, 438 Cedar St., Wauseon, $97,000.

Ronald L. and Jody A. Gerig to Paula Jill Vance, 319 W. Leggett St., $104,000.

Rusty L. and Michelle L. Schaffner to Nolan N. and Ashley L. Oberla, 609 E. Chestnut St., Wauseon, $105,000.

Dustin L. Herman to Brandon M. Bailey, 2211 Redbud Lane, Delta, $115,000.

Brent D. Kauffman to Matthew D. and Isabel G. Strader, 140 Glenwood St., Wauseon, $150,000.

Ross E. Zeadker to Zachary A. Guilford, 14711 State Hwy. 120, Lyons, $210,000.

Amber M. Weiss to Kyle B. Solly, 3841 County Road 2, Swanton, $162,500.

Henry F. and Joyce K. Smith to Donald Metts, 5203 County Road 5-2, Delta, $192,500.

Bobbi and Timothy Burke to Jeremy C. and Erica L. Mullins, 255 Commercial St., Wauseon, $75,000.