CCNO confirms coronavirus case

Staff report

A staff member at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio was confirmed April 14 to have the novel coronavirus, according to Executive Director Dennis Sullivan.

The staff member is not being identified to protect their privacy. They are recovering at home, and will be off work for at least two weeks. The staff member may return to work after being free of virus symptoms for 72 hours.

CCNO security footage has identified other individuals the staff member came in contact with within a six foot distance for at least 10 minutes prior to the diagnosis. All were notified immediately, and will be off work for at least two weeks during a quarantine period.

Sullivan said he has not been advised of their current status but to his knowledge none have been hospitalized with the virus.

CCNO closed to the public March 11 due to the coronavirus, and has followed restrictions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Williams County Health Department.

“We’re doing all kinds of things to try to keep things clean and sanitized,” Sullivan said. “We will follow what the CDC says. We’re trying to take all precautions to make sure we don’t get the inmates sick.”

Staff report