ADAMhs Board awards $5.2 million in service contracts

Pending state funding

Some $5.2 million in service contracts for the fiscal year starting July 1 were approved by the Four County ADAMhs Board at its April 9 meeting.

With the COVID-19 meeting restrictions, board members participated electronically.

The service contract allocations were made assuming that the board will receive the same level of state funding for fiscal year 2021 that it currently receives. However, board CEO Rob Giesige explained it is not certain if that will be the case.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has asked all state offices to prepare budgets for both the remainder of the current fiscal and next fiscal year that include a 20 percent reduction in planned spending because the coronavirus is expected to cause a loss in state revenue, as well as increased spending in some budget areas.

Giesige told the board that should those spending reductions mean less state funding for behavioral health services, then some or all of the contracts may need to be adjusted. However, at this point it’s not clear when the state will be able to make those decisions.

The following allocations were approved at the April board meeting:

A Renewed Mind Behavioral Health, $1,750,000; Maumee Valley Guidance Center, $1,507,550; Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio, $600,000; and Health Partners of Western Ohio, $540,000, New Home Development Company, $340,500; Center for Child and Family Advocacy, $115,000; Williams County Health Department, $115,000; Arrowhead Behavioral Health, $100,000; Northwest Ohio Community Action Commission (The PATH Center), $80,000; and Quadco Rehabilitation Center, $25,000.

The Defiance, Fulton and Williams county drug-free coalitions and the Swanton area drug-free coalition will each receive $25,000.

The allocations total $5,273,050. Several smaller allocations for FY 2021 will be made at subsequent board meetings.

The board approved a contract for next year with attorney Carla B. Davis to represent the board at civil commitment hearings that are held in Toledo.

Up to $17,561 was approved for Maumee Valley Guidance Center to provide residential placements for two clients during the current fiscal year.

The board also approved a resolution supporting New Home Development Company’s application for funding from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to purchase a home for persons receiving behavioral health services.

Giesige reported that all ADAMhs-funded providers have been and will continue to be open during the coronavirus situation, noting that most of the appointments are now handled through telehealth. Office appointments are provided for those clients who prefer that.

However, a number of clients who are concerned about the COVID-19 virus are cancelling office visits and replacing them with either telehealth or telephone appointments to avoid face to face appointments. Prescribed medications are still available at offices.

The area’s emergency hotline number – 800-468-4357 – remains staffed 24 hours a day to respond to behavioral health crisis calls as well as information and referral calls.

Giesige told the board that he state auditor’s office recently completed its 2019 audit of the ADAMhs Board and issued a clean report.

Giesige told the board that he has been keeping the board office open during the last few weeks with the board staff working from home. During the crisis, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and

Addiction Services as well as the state board association each hold conference calls every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to share information and hear concerns.

At this point, Giesige said that he expects that the May 14 board meeting will also be conducted as a virtual meeting.

Pending state funding