Health Inspections

Circle K, Archbold

Non-critical: At time of inspection handwash sink had plastic bags in sink and was inaccessible.

Archbold Middle School, Archbold

Non-critical: Observed residential Crock Pot in kitchen area at time of inspection. Equipment shall be commercial grade and laboratory approved.

Marco’s Pizza, Archbold

Non-critical: Observed slight food debris in shelf area where boxes are stored. Observed loose trash and debris around dumpster area outside.

Archbold Main Stop, Archbold

Non-critical: Observed slight debris and build-up under three bay sink area and walk-in freezer under shelves.

No violations observed in Archbold: Susie’s Lunch, Archbold Elementary School.

All God’s Children Daycare, Too!, Delta

Non-critical: Observed non-commercial equipment in use in kitchen.

No violations observed in Delta: Delta High School, Delta Middle School, Delta Memorial Hall, Dollar General Store, Delta Village Tavern, Coach Lamb’s Pizza.

No violations observed in Metamora: The Metamora Tavern, Evergreen Elementary School.

No violations observed in Lyons: Lyons Main Stop.

Family Dollar, Swanton

Non-critical: Observed reach-in cooler with broken seal which is producing condensation on unit. Employee reported seal on order.

Lassus Bros. Oil, Swanton

Non-critical: Observed no label for consumer self serve donuts. Observed non-commercial freezer in use.

Dollar General Store, Swanton

Non-critical: Roof is leaking causing damage to ceiling tiles by east wall. Indicated in process of getting roof repaired.

White Pines Golf Course, Swanton

Non-critical: Observed non-commercial freezer in use.

WB Ranch, Swanton

Non-critical: Observed bags of ice on floor inside walk in freezer. Ice moved at time of inspection.

No violations observed in Swanton: Rite Aid Pharmacy, Stop-By Mart, Swanton Middle School, Swanton High School.

Wauseon High School, Wauseon

Non-critical: Bulk food available for consumer self-dispensing shall be prominently labeled in plain view of consumer.

Courtview Mart, Wauseon

Critical: Observed pre-made hamburgers under heat lamp area for customers to grab with missing information from labels.

Non-critical: Observed residential freezer in kitchen being used. Observed debris in retail area, food debris around wrapping machine in kitchen.

No violations observed in Wauseon: Suzi Q’s, Continental Plaza Carryout, Wauseon Middle School, Dollar Tree.