Swanton man indicted for trespass, menacing

A Swanton man has been indicted following an incident at the Evergreen schools complex last month.

Keith D. Seeman, 26, was indicted on one count of trespass in a habitation when a person is present or likely to be present, one count of obstructing official business, two counts of criminal trespass, one count of criminal damaging, one count of menacing by stalking, and one count of inducing panic.

On or about Feb. 12, he allegedly trespassed in a habitation when a person was present or likely to be present. He also allegedly obstructed the performance of a public official’s lawful duties.

On or about Feb. 21, he allegedly engaged in conduct that he knew would cause another person to believe that he would cause physical harm or mental distress to that person, while allegedly trespassing on premises where the victim was employed.

He also allegedly caused serious public inconvenience or alarm by committing an offense in a school. Finally, he also allegedly entered a school knowing that he was restricted from entrance and allegedly caused a substantial risk of physical harm to property.

At the time, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office said a suspicious vehicle was observed driving around in the Evergreen Middle/High School parking lot. The subject, Keith Seeman of Swanton, was identified by a teacher and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office deputy that is assigned to Evergreen schools.

Authorities reported that Seeman then returned to the school and entered the school building at the end of the school day. Seeman then left the school building and the school resource officer investigated the entry into the building to ensure that all staff and students were safe.

Seeman began to flee the school and struck a vehicle in the parking lot of the school, according to the sheriff’s office.

He was stopped a short time later by the Swanton Police Department after a broadcast was issued by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. Seeman was taken into custody by the Swanton Police Department and sheriff’s office and then transported to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.