Wauseon offers contact info as offices close to public

The Wauseon Municipal Building is currently closed to public access. Staff will be maintaining normal business hours at this time.

Please contact the department needed by phone or email for assistance.

Contact information

Trudi L. Mahnke 419-335-5041

Administrative Assistant – trudi.mahnke@cityofwauseon.com

Andrea Gerken 419-335-1511

Clerk of Council – andrea.gerken@cityofwauseon.com

Keith Torbet 419-335-9871

Director of Public Service – keith.torbet@cityofwauseon.com

John Arps 419-335-8376

Public Works Superintendent – john.arps@cityofwauseon.com

Josh Reckner 419-335-8376

Assistant Public Works Superintendent – josh.reckner@cityofwauseon.com

Matt Mennetti 419-335-8334

Recreation Superintendent – matt.mennetti@cityofwauseon.com

Hugo Barajas 419-335-8334

Assistant Recreation Superintendent – hugo.barajas@cityofwauseon.com

Lou Thourot 419-335-2971

Water Plant Superintendent – lou.thourot@cityofwauseon.com

Clem Kutzli 419-335-3026

Water Reclamation Superintendent – clem.kutzli@cityofwauseon.com

Kevin Chittenden 419-335-3821

Police Chief – WPD2683@wauseonpd.com

John Roof 419-335-3821

Assistant Police Chief – WPD2688@wauseonpd.com

Rick Sluder 419-335-7831

Fire Chief – RSluder@cityofwauseon.com

Phil Kessler 419-335-7831

Assistant Fire Chief – phil.kessler@cityofwauseon.com

Trish Lillich 419-335-1171

Income Tax Commissioner – trish.lillich@cityofwauseon.com

Sarah Wheeler 419-335-9022

HR/Payroll – sarah.wheeler@cityofwauseon.com

Brittany Roof 419-335-7831

Executive Assistant Fire Department – brittany.roof@cityofwauseon.com

Robin Schantz 419-335-9022

Assistant Finance Director -robin.schantz@cityofwauseon.com

Ashley Franz 419-335-1441

Water Office – ashley.franz@cityofwauseon.com