Common Pleas Court

Rebecca J. Nease, Delta, vs. Michael C. Mariea, Oregon, Ohio, domestic violence.

Amber S. Harrington, West Unity, vs. Jeremiah J. Harrington, Waldron, Mich., dissolution of marriage with children.

U.S. Bank National Assoc., Cincinnati, Ohio, vs. Timothy Pasch, Lyons, other civil.

Bluevine Capital Inc., Redwood, Calif., vs. Shawn Netcher, Wauseon, other civil.

Korin L. Forrest, Fayette, vs. Jonathan A. Depew, Fayette, domestic violence.

TD Auto Finance LLC, Jacksonville, Fla., vs. Adam Bowers, Archbold, other civil.

Michelle K. Vance, Wauseon, vs. Chris C. Vance II, Toledo, Ohio, support enforcement.

U.S. Bank National Assoc., Salt Lake City, Utah, vs. John C. Reeves, Delta, foreclosure.

Rachel T. Perkins, Wauseon, vs. Randall E. Perkins, Wauseon, support enforcement.

April Schelling, Wauseon, vs. Zachary McCauge, Defiance, domestic violence.

Christopher J. Leffler, Delta, vs. Christie L. Leffler, Delta, termination of marriage without children.

Western District Court

James J. Warncke, Wauseon, speed, $130.

Gavyn A. Dunn, Wauseon, speed, $130.

Patsy A. Hull, Wauseon, driving in marked lanes, $195.

Madison Etter, Archbold, speed, $130.

Alan G. Kunkle, Fayette, safety belt, $86.

Thomas L. Knox, Napoleon, stop sign, $195.

Alexandra N. Barber, Archbold, assured clear distance, $195.

Thomas S. Lingvai, Bryan, speed, $193.

Dustin E. Barnes, Van Wert, Ohio, operating vehicle while intoxicated, failure to control, $412, license suspended 180 days, three days jail, no consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs for, one year, reportable probation, drug/alcohol assessment and recommended aftercare.

Denise M. Allen, Napoleon, criminal trespass, $680 plus costs, one year reportable probation, no violations of law for one year.

Elijah Reinbolt, Napoleon, resisting arrest, $326 plus costs, credit for five days served at Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, no violations of law for one year.

Rodney J. Bunce II, Archbold, criminal trespass, $183, do not enter East Garden Apts. in Archbold, no violations of law for six months.

Tod L. Schaffner, Fayette, suspended driver’s license, expired license plate, $349.

Rene DeLeon, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $686.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Gerald A. Meiring, Wauseon, $993.10.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Esther J. Oberhaus, Wauseon, $1,422.25.

Owens Community College, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Kaylah N. Hartman, Wauseon, $2,442.29.

LVNV Funding LLC, Greenville, S.C., vs. Lisa Perry, Wauseon, $643.

Skates Apartments I LLC, Wauseon, vs. June Yoder, Wauseon, $3,348.50.

Venture Out Resorts LLC, Bay City, Mich. vs. Liborio and Connie Ramirez, Archbold, $9,105.69.

Credit Adjustments Inc., Defiance, vs. Julia Rhinard, Fayette, $1,227.

Citibank, Sioux Falls, S.D., vs. Donna M. Stemen, Wauseon, $3,753.33.

Real Estate Transfers

Teresa J. Montague to Nathan D. and Tiffany S. Willms, 26822 Wallace Lane, Fayette, $55,000.

Anthony E. and April J. Stidham, to Ruth A. Barber, Neva Drive, Wauseon, $28,500.

Michael D. Short and Sally A. Roth, trustees, to Michael D. and Dana J. Short, 2732 County Road 25, Archbold, $150,000.

Brett A. Westhoven to Andrew and Shayla Mayer, 4132 State Highway 108, Wauseon, $161,000.

Jennifer L. Smith to Ray E. Patterson, 447 Marshall St., Wauseon, $130,000.