Common Pleas Court

Melba L. Perlatti, Archbold, vs. Michael Perlatti, Murrieta, Calif., termination of marriage without children.

William J. Coburn, no address, vs. Leslie G. Coburn, Morenci, Mich., termination of marriage without children.

Torrie L. Mullins, Wauseon, vs. Christopher J. Mullins, Wauseon, support enforcement.

Barbara J. Wixom, West Unity, vs. Wendy Adams, Fayette, other civil.

Andrew Bilbado, Defiance, vs. Charter Communications, Columbus, Ohio, worker’s compensation.

Kristin R. Turner, Fayette, vs. Matthew B. Turner, Pioneer, Ohio, termination of marriage with children.

Brittney Sroga, Delta, vs. Jared Sroga, Delta, termination of marriage with children.

Devyn L. Simmons, Hudson, Mich., vs. Jesse D. Mull, Ottawa, Kan., non-support of dependents.

Olivia H. Iott, Archbold, vs. Timothy J. Iott, Fort Wayne Wright, Ark., termination of marriage with children.

Zeke Brehm, Osseo, Mich., vs. Greg Amos, Fayette, foreclosure.

Western District Court

Alexandra E. Lowe, speed, $140.

Salina L. Santiago, Wauseon, assured clear distance, $195.

April L. Bumb, Wauseon, reasonable control, $195.

Rodney W, Fahrer, Wauseon, assured clear distance, $195.

Savannah Mattern, Montpelier, speed, $243.

Heather A. Clementson, Wauseon, failure to yield, $195.

Norman K. Brooks, Wauseon, red light, $130.

Teresa L. Felix, Swanton, speed, $195.

Rosa Chapa, Wauseon, speed, $140.

David Shonk, Waldron, Mich., tail lamps, anti-noise, $236.

Azelin M. Shanyfelt, Liberty Center, speed, $140.

Josue Sandoval, Archbold, speed, $195.

Sithan Sangtain, Rossford, Ohio, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $618, five days jail, license suspended one year, drug/alcohol assessment and recommended aftercare, TAD monitor 18 days, no violations of law for two years.

Cynthia A. Sack, Toledo, Ohio, physical control, alcohol/drugs, $451 plus costs, license suspended 180 days, drug/alcohol assessment and aftercare, 16 days jail with credit for time served, 180 days reportable probation, no violations of law for two years.

Amy J. Bullano, Pettisville, speed, $285.76.

Louis A. Couturier Jr., Fayette, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $193 plus costs.

Kayla Merritt, Fayette, suspended driver’s license, expired plates, $299.

Sara E. Lemaster, Liberty Center, passing stopped school bus, $168.

Promedica, Toledo, Ohio, vs. Eric Zamora, Archbold, $469.

Chaparral Inc., Toledo, Ohio, vs. Charles Luce-Correa, Fayette, $5,176.50.

Midland Funding LLC, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Genie Garcia, Archbold, $5,368.33.

Venture Out Resorts LLC, Bay City, Mich., vs. Mitchell D. Campbell, Archbold, $1,614.07.

Marriage Licenses

Marcos A. Lane, 33, Wauseon, hazardous waste technician, and Chelsea M. Bettinger, 29, Wauseon, LPN.

William D. Davis, 56, Wauseon, carpenter, and Andrea L. Cook, 46, Wauseon, shipping/receiving.

Xavier J. Taylor, 32, Swanton, cable installer, and Brittany M. Jennings, 27, Swanton, accountant.

Real Estate Transfers

Vandco Properties LLC to Kevin Thorton, 302 W. Garfield Ave., Swanton, $110,100.

Sarah J. Carter and Deborah Carter to Jeffery M. Smith, 451 E. Oak St., Wauseon, $134,000.

Danny and Joanne Zeadker, trustees, to Brian and Sarah Bick, 9550 County Road 11, Delta, $280,000.

Wally Radjenovic to Chad Banister, S. Oakwood Street, Wauseon, $24,000.

Nelson G. Hibbard to Matthew and Tracey Howard, 602 W. Main St., Fayette, $124,900.

Kayla R. Lembrick to Eric P. and Tanner M. Puehler, 710 Wood St., Wauseon, $190,000.

Fairlawn to Britenriker Properties LLC, 404 Lincoln St., Archbold, $119,500.

Phyllis A. Fitch to Robert V. Sr. and Carolyn K. Patchin, 5452 County Road 2, Swanton, $147,000.

Eric K. Nagel, trustee, to Scott E. Pontious, 204 W. Elm St., Wauseon, $195,000.

Jerry A. Roth to Courtney Roth, 765 Hemlock St., Wauseon, $77,500.

Amy L. Craft to Christopher Garza, 9530 County Road A, Liberty Center, $180,000.

Doral C. Schwartz to Mary Zeiter, 10271 County Road K, Delta, $50,000.