Lucas County Commissioners approve conforming boundaries

Lucas County Commissioners on Nov. 19 unanimously approved a resolution conforming the boundaries of the Village of Swanton in the county.

The Village of Swanton and Swanton Township entered into an Annexation and Boundary Adjustment Agreement. The Village and the Township have agreed that the boundaries of the Township and Village should be re-conformed to make them identical to the limits of the Village and to include in the Village boundary those properties that were previously within the territorial boundaries of the Township, but were annexed by the Village.

Residents in the Lucas County portion of Swanton will no longer face double taxation for services such as fire and rescue. They will also no longer vote for township candidates and issues.

In the Fulton County portion of Swanton, residents will continue to pay both village and township taxes and vote for both village and township officials. In 2016, Fulton County Commissioners voted down requests from Delta and Archbold to conform their boundaries.

Also in the agreement, Swanton Township agrees to continue maintaining Scott Road, while the village will maintain Brindley Road.

It is not yet known when the boundaries and tax collection would officially change.