Frey, Murry square off for Clinton Twp. Trustee

Rick Frey

Rick Frey

Rick Frey and Dave Murry are running for an unexpired term as Clinton Township trustee that will end Dec. 31, 2021. (Dave Murry did not return a questionnaire to the Expositor.)

Rick Frey

Family​: Married to Linda Frey

Age​: 65

Education​: Wauseon graduate, 1972

Civic Organization​s: 25-year member of the Wauseon Tree Commission, INTV board member, member of Bethany Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Why are you running for office? I am running for Clinton Township trustee because I have a real desire and sense of responsibility to serve my community. I would like to be able to contribute my time and effort to the township in which I have been a resident my entire life.

Why should people vote for you? There are several reasons that I believe the residents of Clinton Township should vote for me as trustee. First, I am retired and have time to fully commit to this position. Another reason is that I have worked in many of the areas that the township needs to maintain. For example, having worked at maintaining storm and sewer systems for the city of Wauseon, I have extensive knowledge of the township’s drainage systems. I have also worked with many road construction projects. I have worked to maintain safety for our community members through various types of road conditions, such as snow and ice. Maintaining safety on our road infrastructures is vital.

Another reason I believe residents should vote for me is that I have been a member of the Wauseon Fire Department, and am familiar with each of the township’s fire trucks and their equipment. I am also very familiar with the cemeteries in the township. The majority of my knowledge and experience regarding Clinton Township stems from working for the Wauseon Public Works Department for 30 years. Those working years taught me the value of community, and that serving my community is a tremendous responsibility, as well as a great honor.

In regard to issues and differences of opinion, I believe that I have learned to embrace what my mother taught me from very early on, and that is to listen to both sides. There are always two sides to every issue. Many disagreements and misunderstandings can be avoided if we listen and try to understand where people are coming from. Communication is always key as well. Misunderstandings can often be avoided if we are simply willing to communicate with one another.

What are your two main goals, if elected? One of my goals would be to represent the township faithfully and honestly. As a trustee, I would desire for my community members to know that I am taking this elected position very seriously and that I would always uphold the laws of our state. Another goal as trustee would be to maintain a great quality of life for all township residents. Health and safety of our residents must always be of the highest priority. I would welcome the opportunity to dig in, work hard, and learn what is expected of me as a trustee.

Have you held office before? Currently, I serve as a Wauseon City Councilman. I believe that I have shown the community that I truly have their best interests at heart. I also believe that this experience will greatly benefit me if I were elected as Clinton Township trustee.

Rick Frey Frey