Richardson, Opdycke running in Gorham Twp.

Lee W. Opdycke and Eliott L. Richardson are facing off in the Nov. 5 general election for the right to be a Gorham Township trustee. (Lee W. Opdycke did not return a questionnaire to the Expositor.)

Eliott Richardson

Richardson, 28, is seeking his first political office. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Toledo.

He is married to Larissa, and has worked for the Ohio Department of Transportation for eight years. He serves on the church board at Fayette United Methodist Church.

Why are you running for office? I care a great deal about Gorham Township, and the people that it is home to. I am very involved in the community, and I want to see it propel forward to achieve our highest potential. I am very capable of helping Gorham Township achieve success in everything we pursue. I enjoy working for the public and being an asset to the community in any way I can.

Why should people vote for you? I have dedicated my life to public service, and this opportunity will be another way that I can help the people in the community. I have been involved in the Fayette community my entire life, and I plan on continuing my family here.

My experience in highway maintenance, along with my education in business, will be a great asset to the township. I will use my positive and professional attitude to resolve issues with the community as a whole at the forefront of every decision.

What are your two main goals if elected? If elected, I plan to have a front seat role in the inner workings of one of our most valuable assets, the fire department. The fire department is an entity that everyone relies on in their most desperate time of need. It is crucial that we, as the leaders of the township, ensure that we do everything possible to direct the first responders in a positive direction for the good of the people.

I will also make it a goal to maintain a positive relationship with the Village of Fayette, which is at the heart of the township. In a changing world, that is getting more expensive by the minute. I think it is crucial that public entities work together to provide the best service at the lowest costs possible to the taxpayer. At the end of the day, all public entities have the same goal of serving the public to the best of our abilities.