Grime challenging Fryman in Archbold mayoral race

Former Archbold Village Councilman Brad Grime is challenging incumbent Jeff Fryman in the village’s mayoral race.

Jeff Fryman

Fryman, 49, was first elected to Archbold Village Council in 1997, and served in that position until becoming mayor in 2016. He is a Toledo Christian School graduate and has a Juris Doctorate from Oak Brook College of Law.

He is married to April, with three children, Marli, Marissa, and Wyat.

Why are you running for office? I have enjoyed my time serving the Village of Archbold residents since being elected in 1997. One-third of the Village of Council is new (two years ago), and our current administrator has been in her position just a few years. I did not feel it was time for me to walk away from this position until I felt comfortable with our stability in leadership. The current leadership will be completely capable. It just wasn’t time to walk away.

Why should people vote for you? I have always been common sense-minded. I spend the taxpayers money as if I would spend my own. I invest in the future and question everything prior to making a decision. I am very conservative when it comes to spending money.

What are your two main goals, if elected? 1. Maintaining good relationships within our county. It has taken some work to get on the same page as other local bodies of government. Everyone has different goals. I am happy that many of us have found common goals and are working together to achieve them, including the other six mayors in Fulton County. We meet regularly to find ways of helping each other. We also attend township trustee meetings, and they attend our council meetings. It keeps us unified.

2. Continuing to invest our local tax dollars back into our services and the neighborhoods of our citizens. Since I have been an elected member of Archbold Village government in any capacity, we have worked tirelessly to rebuild Archbold and give the citizens back their hard-earned incomes to keep their home values up and giving them the services that they expect. Quality of life very is important

Brad Grime

Grime, 65, served on Village Council from 1998-2009. He is an Archbold High School graduate and was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps. Grime is married to Marsha and has four children, Jamie, Shawn, Dustin, and Amanda.

Civic organizations include the American Legion and Knights of Columbus.

Why are you running for political office? To give our citizens a choice. I will be a mayor that truly cares about this community and will work hard for you on the issues. I will be more open to the public, and will always move our community forward.

Why should people vote for you? I will be more open and accessible. I want everyone to feel welcome to voice their opinions anytime. The door will always be open.

What are your two main goals if elected? 1. To preside over and work with a council that is open to the public at all times. More open discussion concerning issues. 2. I want to work with our trustees and commissioners when necessary with the respect and dignity they and us both deserve.