Wiland challenged by Wilson

Gene Wilson will try to unseat incumbent Phil Wiland in this fall’s race for Swancreek Township trustee.

Phil Wiland

Wiland has served as a township trustee for 16 years. He and his wife of 50 years, Sue, are Swanton High School graduates.

Why are you running for office? I have had the honor of serving as your township trustee for 16 years, during which time I have enjoyed dealing with the day to day responsibilities that keep our township a great place to live. Some of these duties are road maintenance, drainage, cemeteries, zoning, and fire and EMS. Although the cost of fire and EMS coverage is a big concern, fire and EMS coverage has never been in jeopardy.

Why should people vote for you? I have gained a lot of knowledge though continuing education, as well as working with other entities to resolve many issues. A major issue of note is working with the Ohio State attorney general, the Fulton County Prosecutor’s Office, and our sales rep to develop an innovative health insurance plan that has saved Swancreek Township taxpayers thousands of dollars over the years. Note: I do not take major health insurance from the township.

What are your two main goals, if elected? With the merger/annexation/conforming the boundaries issues ever present, my main goal has always been to preserve our rural way of life. My presence on the board keeps some semblance of balance. I thank you for the 16 years you have trusted me as the steward of your tax dollars.

Gene Wilson Jr.

Wilson, 44, is seeking his first political office. He is a graduate of both Swanton High School and the Ohio carpenters joint apprenticeship program.

He is a member of the BBB and professional remodelers organization.

He has five children – Tristin, Skyler, Paige, Lexie, and Layla.

Why are you running for office? To ensure Swancreek remains an independent township and is never annexed with any city or village. I would also like ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely.

Why should people vote for you? I am honest, hard-working, and have been a resident of Swancreek Township for more than 10 years. I have courage to make tough decisions, and I’m a good listener to hear residents’ concerns. I have general knowledge, because of my business, of the township’s zoning, laws, requirements, and regulations.

What are your two main goals, if elected? My goals are to pass along all the views and concerns of the residents and to vote in their best interests. Also, to maintain a good working relationship with all other counties, townships, school boards, and all related government entities to do what is best for my township.