Moore, Valentine face off in Dover Twp.

Pamela J. Moore and Dianne M. Valentine are each seeking the vote of Dover Township residents for the position of fiscal officer. The winner will replace Susan Kay Dieringer.

Pamela J. Moore

Moore previously served 10 years on Swanton Village Council and four years as a Swancreek Township trustee.

Why are you running for political office? The current fiscal officer is retiring. I have the time and dedication it takes to do the job.

Why should people vote for you? I am a lifelong resident of Fulton County. When we decided to downsize it was very important for us to stay in Fulton County. We moved to Dover Glen in Dover Township – what a great community. I am a business owner in Fulton County, and my time would be very flexible to meet the township needs. I’m honest, dedicated, and ready to serve the community.

What are your two main goals, if elected? I have enjoyed going to the meetings over the last few months. My goals would be to be as informed and educated as the previous fiscal officer, and supporting the trustees on their previous decisions.

Dianne M. Valentine

Valentine is running for office for the first time. She is a graduate of Gorham-Fayette High School, Ma Chere Hair Style Academy – managing cosmetologist license, and the Fiscal Certification Program through Ohio Department of Job and Family Services She was trained in the Ohio Ethics Law with the Ohio Ethics Commission, Cyber Security Awareness Training, and many other personal skill development, team building, and leadership courses through the Ohio Human Services Training System annually.

Why are you running for political office? I decided to run for the position of Dover Township Fiscal Officer after I had learned that the position was going to be vacated. I investigated the duties required and felt that I would be a good fit based on my current job with Fulton County JFS, as fiscal supervisor. I have 31 years of experience with Fulton County Job and Family Services, 19 years as public assistance case manager, 12 years in the Fiscal Department, and fiscal supervisor since 2014. Through my current position, I am very familiar with the Fulton County government offices. I believe my experience and values of being fiscally responsible are what the people of Dover Township are looking for.

Why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I am motivated by challenges, love learning opportunities, and I’m detail oriented. Accuracy is key: I cross check data, justify figures, and respect the need for supporting documents in fund accounting. I’ve worked in a position with sensitive information my entire career. I value the importance of confidentiality; I respect people and am driven by the integrity of the job.

I currently work with fund accounting through the regulations of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for Fulton County. We manage multiple fund accounts with federal and state allocations that allow JFS to properly administer programs to the residents of the county. We work closely with the Auditor of State for audits, to which our team has received clean audits during my supervision. I have earned mutual respect with the director and teams of Fulton County JFS and the Fulton County auditor’s office.

I feel that if elected into Dover Township you will see that I am able to collaborate to ensure that conservative fiscal responsibility continues for our community. With my planned retirement from Fulton County JFS at the end of 2019, I will have the flexibility to devote my experience and attention that this position deserves.

What are your two main goals if elected? My initial plans if elected would be to work with the trustees and current fiscal officer to ensure a smooth transition of the records and systems. I am familiar with the trustees, and would be honored to have this opportunity to work closely with them to ensure that our township balance continues to grow with respect to the cost of service. I have a great deal of admiration for their dedication to Dover Township.

I would also like to build working relationships with other township fiscal officers, be informed through the Ohio Township Association the specifics of the software, which would allow me to stay on top any changes in guidelines or requirements within the township.