Common Pleas Court

Linda Totzke, Swanton, vs. Todd Totzke, Fernandina Beach, Fla., termination of marriage without children.

Chrisia G. Calderon Perez, Wauseon, vs. Ricardo Valderrama Villalobos, Archbold, dissolution of marriage with children.

Robert Bateman, Lorain, Ohio, vs. Mid Ohio Valley Bulk, Lorain, Ohio, worker’s compensation.

Ally Financial Inc., Columbus, Ohio, vs. Jacqulynne Tessier, Fayette, other civil.

Tiffany Salyers, Delta, vs. Jay Salyers, Toledo, termination of marriage with children.

Stefanie Johnson, Archbold, vs. Joshua L. Johnson, Archbold, termination of marriage with children.

Kaleb C. Torbet, Wauseon, vs. Jasmine L. Torbet, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage with children.

Joanna M. Vandorn, Angola, Ind., vs. Timothy R. Hilton, Fayette, non-support of dependents.

Lakeview Loan Services LLC, Virginia Beach, Va., vs. Daniel O. Rutledge, Archbold, foreclosure.

Directions Credit Union, Toledo, vs. Susan M. Fountain, Swanton, other civil.

Amber Faunce, Wauseon, vs. James Carter, Wauseon, other civil.

Western District Court

Mischa D. Okuley, Wauseon, speed, $195.

Corey J. Sayen, Delta, right of way, $195.

Marli M. Fryman, Archbold, speed, $195.

Sandra E. Cunningham, Wauseon, traffic control devices, $195.

Zachary H. Chittenden, Wauseon, stop sign, $236.

Marli M. Fryman, Archbold, speed, $140.

John P. DeFoe, Perrysburg, Ohio, speed, $130.

Andrew J. Ledford, Millbury, Ohio, driving on closed street, $130.

Israel Perez, Archbold, speed, $195.

Gilbert J. Nafziger, Archbold, failure to yield, $130.

Magdalena Oregon, Archbold, one-way street, $130.

Zoltan Halmi,Wauseon, driving on closed street, $130.

Breyanna I. Bigley, Defiance, speed, $195.

Savannah G. Short, Archbold, speed, $140.

Kimberly S. Patterson, Archbold, speed, $130.

Benjamin E. Puehler, Wauseon, speed, $195.

Dustin E. Arnold, Delta, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $699, license suspended one year, driver’s intervention program, no violation of law for two years.

McKenzie Fouty, Delta, theft, $238, $42.31 restitution, 30 hours community service, no violations of law for one year.

Kiara Bingman, Delta, theft, $238, $257.18 restitution, 30 hours community service, no violations of law for one year.

Marsha S. Russell, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $158.

Justin L. Buehrer, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $158.

Evelyn Ramirez Velasquez, Delta, no driver’s license, passing stopped school bus, $412.

Chester L. Cox, Clayton, Mich., operating vehicle while intoxicated, failure to control, $1,248 plus costs, license suspended one year, no violations of law for two years.

Marriage Licenses

Johannes R. Mullett, 28, Archbold, factory, and Erika R. Johnson, 30, Archbold, factory.

Eric J. McQuillin, 28, Archbold, consultant, and Megan M. Ryan, 28, Tallmadge, Ohio, speech therapist.

John R. Davis, 60, Swanton, truck driver, and Theresa Zydorczyk, 55, Swanton, MSR.

Eric W. Loch, 31, Swanton, business owner, and Angela N. Bird, 34, Swanton, executive assistant.

Christopher L. Simon, 25, Delta, truck driver, and Allison L. Morman, 25, Delta, health care.

Joaquin Hayford Jr., 42, Wauseon, factory, and Rachelle A. Cruz, 31 Wauseon, homemaker.

Dallas S. Yurt, 22, Fort Wayne, Ind., chef, and Alisabeth A. Grossman, 26, Fort Wayne, Ind., patient meal host.

Benjamin C. Corey, 24, Madison, Wisc., QA analyst, and Miranda L. Garczynski, 22, Swanton, server.

Real Estate Transfers

Franklin D. II and Sally A. Oatman, trustees, to William D. Gearig Sr., 16300 County Road L, Wauseon, $158,500.

Paul D. and Ruthann J. Barnaby, co-trustees, to David J. and Madison R. Rogers, 5502 State Highway 120, Metamora, $223,000.

Patricia Aeschliman, trustee, to Brian C. Barnes, 322 Birch St., Wauseon, $30,000.

John J. Jennings to Susan M. Lowe, 630 Third St., Wauseon, $180,500.

Rachel S. Schelling to Craig A. and Susan E. Link, 301 Hawthorn Drive, Archbold, $32,000.

James A. King to Rodney L. King, County Road C, Wauseon, $194,213.

Mark and Vickie L. Murar to Robert W. and Deborah Crowell, 209 W. Morenci St., Lyons, $50,000.

Kleck Enterprises LLC to Delta Petro LLC, $2,100,000.

Ronald L. Schmitz to Robert J. Schmitz, 12116 County Road 13, Wauseon, $135,000.

Jed R. Coryell to Collin M. Griesinger and Miranda S. Bogert, 415 Glenwood Ave., Delta, $75,000.

Trevor L. and Jessica A. Gilbert to Nicholas J. Lauch, 503 Adrian St., Delta, $125,000.

David A. and Beth A. Beck to Daniel R. and Geraldine S. Helphinstine, 18827 State Highway 2, Wauseon, $124,900.

Reva M. Miller to William L. and Patricia A. Mitchey, 14162 County Road 10-3, Lyons, $120,000.

Blake Schnitkey to Tyler S. and Jamie A. Boettger, 5410 County Road 26, Archbold, $250,000.

Louella E. Strong to Denny L. and Melisa K. Viers, 228 N. Main St., Swanton, $70,500.

Big House Construction LLC to David and Connie Schultz, 28 Crabtree Court, Swanton, $263,000.

Arrow Tru-Line Inc. to Stephen C. and Charla Fry, County Road A, Archbold, $125,000.

Shawn Holmes to Fawn L. Hartman, 435 E. Superior St., Wauseon, $154,000.

Curtis A. and Marcene M. Smith to Dylan Clendenin, 404 Chestnut St., Swanton, $115,000.