Canal series begins Oct. 10

The Bean Creek Valley History Center in Fulton County announces “Let’s Look Back”, the first event of the series “Canals of Northwest Ohio,” Thursday, Oct. 10, 7 p.m., at the Fayette Opera House.

Presented by Neal Brady, executive director of the Miami and Erie Canal Corridor Association, which helps communities develop long term plans for historic lands, will share a vision for a recreational greenway on the Miami and Erie canal towpath through northwestern Ohio. Brady actively promotes the canal corridor as a travel and tourism destination.

The presentation will highlight the construction and operation of the Miami and Erie canal as it brought settlement and economic development to western Ohio.

“We are excited to have Mr. Brady here to share his knowledge ,” said Colleen Ruefenacht, curator of the Bean Creek Valley History Center. “The canals are a vital fixture of northwest Ohio’s settlement.”

The Fayette Opera House is located at 105 E. Main St.