Common Pleas Court

Matthew D’Angelo, Perrysburg, Ohio, vs. Amber M. D’Angelo, Archbold, termination of marriage without children.

Stephanie Rieger, Delta, vs. Zachariah Kline, Swanton, other civil.

Juan Martinez, Delta, vs. Anna Martinez, Delta, dissolution of marriage with children.

Joshua Voll, Oak Harbor, Ohio, vs. Elizabeth S. Voll, Archbold, termination of marriage with children.

Michael Grove, Swanton, vs. Elisha Grove, Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Jerrica R. Schafer, Perrysburg, Ohio, vs. Joshua A. Schafer, Metamora, dissolution of marriage without children.

Western District Court

Kendra M. Ellis, Fayette, speed, $193.

Sarah E. Berry, Archbold, speed, $140.

Daniel F. Elliott, Delta, driving on closed street, $130.

Nathaniel R. Saldivar, Toledo, speed, $140.

Aaron J. Deanda, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $171.50.

Joy Herman, Archbold, domestic violence, $183, two days jail with credit for time served, 180 days reportable probation, drug/alcohol assessment and recommended aftercare; anger management; no consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs for 180 days, no violations of law for two years.

Herbert Elling, Liberty Center, improper backing, $195.

Aaron M. Lugabihl, Oregon, Ohio, operating vehicle while intoxicated, traffic control devices, $562 plus costs, license suspended one year, driver’s intervention program and recommended aftercare, no violations of law for two years.

Rickey E. Hall, Wauseon, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $562, driver’s intervention program, license suspended one year, no violations of law for two years.

Joshua Gallup, Wauseon, criminal trespass, wrongful entrustment, $376, not to enter 840 W. Elm St., Wauseon, no violations of law for 180 days.

Joshua E. Stockburger, Archbold, speed, $193,

Ricky B. Oldham Sr., Wauseon, junked vehicle on property, $133.

Dale E. Silveous Jr., Kissimmee, Fla., possession of drug paraphernalia, suspended driver’s license, $401.

Thomas E. Proctor Jr., Defiance, right of way, safety belt, $301.

William J. Grieser, Wauseon, tall grass, weeds, and garbage on property, $242.

Marriage Licenses

Aaron J. Mahnke, 31, Wauseon, field manager, and Abigail E. Kehres, 25, Wauseon, consultant.

Eric D. Tremaine, 37, Fayette, and Tanna L. Bolden, 31, Fayette, CNA.

Harold D. Conn, 36, Morenci, Mich., truck driver, and Tasha A. Wolf, 33, Morenci, Mich., restaurant owner.

Zachary M. Sabo, 27, Delta, fast food, and Heaven A. Burghardt, 23, Delta, fast food.

Austin D. Wagner, 23, Wauseon, mechanic, and Abigail M. Schmunk, 21, Wauseon, ultrasound technologist.

Dakota C. Kaiser, 25, Wauseon, mailman, and Jennifer A. Connolly, 23, Wauseon, LPN.

David J. Gorrell, 32, Wauseon, millwright, and Ashley N. Fite, 30, Wauseon, photographer.

Austin L. Jacquay, 35, Swanton, heavy equipment mechanic, and Amber M. Weiss, 30, Swanton, mail carrier.

Brian A. Bick, 27, Delta, lineman, and Sarah E. Leininger, 27, Delta, COTA.

Real Estate Transfers

Bonnie Lou Roth to Ronald J. and Barbara A. Roth, County Road EF, Swanton, $70,000.

Philip A. and Stephanie Bentschneider to Darryl J. and Dawn A. Patch, 107 Peachtree Lane, Swanton, $239,900.

Kenneth R. and Dawn L. Brakefield to Mark J. Bagrowski, 8086 County Road K, Delta, $165,500.

Arthur L. and Paula M. Miller to Steven A. and Allma Miller, 840 Pine St., Wauseon, $93,000.

Thomas E. and Linda J. Ross to Richard M. and Jennifer L. Meyer, 201 Park St., Archbold, $88,500.

Candace S. Winhoven to Lucas Scott, 15508 State Highway 2, Wauseon, $95,000.

Kirk A. and Lou Anne Eichler to Josiah A. and Lydia M. Dahl, 214 Douglas Drive, Archbold, $132,000.

George D. Keilholtz to Patrick J. and Jennifer Fields, 407 N. Defiance St., Archbold, $136,000.

Brianna P. and Trevor A. Phillips to Huntington National Bank, 306 Middle St., Archbold, $53,334.

Frank C. and Janis K. Kieswether to Donald J. and Molly A. Crawford, 930 Arrowhead Trail, Wauseon, $157,950.

Great Lakes District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance to Crystal L. Hall, 105 Fairfield Drive, Swanton, $125,000.

Stephen W. Doseck and Nicole Linhart to Todd M. and Lisa A. Severhof, 4579 County Road 1-2, Swanton, $295,000.

Brian A. and Kathyrn Klem to Lynette Beroske, 427 E. Main St., Metamora, $115,000.

Roger J. Kreuz, successor trustee, to Kevin J. Vanderdonck, 114 S. Main St., Swanton, $52,250.