Glass items suspended from Fulton County recycling

Staff report

As of Oct. 1, the Fulton County recycling program at all current and future drop-off sites and other facilities will no longer accept glass.

The Fulton County Commissioners passed a resolution July 16 to suspend glass collection, according to Toni Schindler, the commissioners’ marketing and communications director.

Ziad Musallam, county director of Public Utilities, informed the commissioners that, over the past five years, the glass recycling market has been on the decline and has reached a zero-recyclable level through Fulton County’s recycling program.

“Since glass products are not being recycled, they are instead being collected and moved to the county’s transfer station for disposal as solid waste,” he said. “The cost of glass disposal has been paid for through the transfer station operation fund without the ability to charge the glass products and/or items generators for disposal.”

Fulton County receives approximately 3.5 tons per week from recycling drop offs at Triangular Processing and other locations throughout the county. The cost of disposal based on the 2019 solid waste price is estimated to be $12,740, or 182 tons per year.

Musallam said the suspension will remain effective until viable and feasible glass recycling market options become available for the county’s recycling program.

Fulton County provides the residents and businesses the opportunity to recycle, litter prevention and overall reduction for the county’s solid waste generation as part of the Joint Solid Waste Management District. They contract with the Fulton County Board of Developmental Disabilities to provide residents with proper disposal options for items that are generally considered inappropriate for municipal solid waste disposal facilities.

Staff report