Common Pleas Court

Village of Swanton, Swanton, vs. Ryan Elliot, Swanton, other civil.

Alaeni Meade, Wauseon, vs. Luke Meade, Bryan, termination of marriage without children.

Wells Fargo Bank, Mt. Laurel, N.J., vs. Jonathan D. Keigwin, Delta, foreclosure.

Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Archbold, vs. Jacqueline K. Weirauch, Wauseon, foreclosure.

Kassandra Alvarez, Swanton, vs. Kerri Gearhart, Archbold, other civil.

Western District Court

Kelsey A. Brown, Wauseon, speed, $130.

Maria C. Cruz, Wauseon, failure to yield, $195.

Lucas D. Schang, Wauseon, speed, $195.

Briana Love, Defiance, speed, $130.

Maegen E. Smith, Wauseon, speed, $140.

Matthew Michalkiewicz, Alvordton, Ohio, maximum load, $347.

William R. Yates, Defiance, speed, $193.

Cody L. Johnson, Defiance, suspended driver’s license, $243.

Justin L. Bryant, Evanston, Ill., speed, suspended driver’s license, $349.

Kevin D. Davis, Galloway, Ohio, possession of marijuana, expired driver’s license, $326.

Danielle D. Burroughs, Lyons, disorderly conduct, $183.

Conrad Siebenaler, Fayette, disorderly conduct, $183, drug and alcohol assessment and recommended aftercare, no violations of law for six months.

Joseph R. Pedraza, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $193.

Wissam Khalil, Dearborn Heights, Mich., traffic light, $130.

Lyndell M. Ramos, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $343.

Scott A. Pontious, Wauseon, expired driver’s license, $193.

Najeh A. Salameh, Hardwood Heights, Ill., speed, $130.

Kamal J. Al-Sultany, Dearborn Heights, Mich., speed, $130.

Marriage Licenses

Garrett A. Michalkiewicz, 25, Swanton, student, and Brady L. Avina, 25, Pettisville, occupational therapist.

Samuel J. Riegsecker, 25, Delta, manager, and Carlee N. Ankoviak, 24, Swanton, student.

Tyson D. Schnitkey, 24, Archbold, sales, and Darian K. Oberlin, 24, Archbold, homemaker.

Zachary C. Fruchey, 30, Fayette, factory worker, and Karissa L. Colon, 29, West Unity, activity director.

Douglas C. Hulbert, 27, Goshen, Ind., chemist, and Kelsey E. Waidelich, 25, Goshen, Ind., teacher.

Real Estate Transfers

Gary and Diane Lohman to Nikki J. Cervantes, 540 Wood St., Delta, $129,900.

James J. Malburg to Kathy L. Haupricht, 264 Maple St., Metamora, $82,300.

Beth A. and Jeffrey M. Flory to Cheryl M. Praznovsky, 7620 County Road 12, Wauseon, $185,000.

Patricia R. Burkholder to Steven and Linda H. Schlosser, 328 Lutz Road, Archbold, $142,000.

Homer and Brenda Rodriguez to Ryan G. Sanford, 421 Potter St., Wauseon, $92,500.

Gerald P. and Jennifer L. Busse to Gerald P. and Jennifer L. Busse, 11589, 11651 County Road 12, Wauseon, $10.

Toni A. Hames to Jared J. and Heather M. Evans, 12040 County Road K, Wauseon, $163,000.

Richard A. Leatherman, successor trustee, to Richard A. Leatherman, $259,369.

Allan L. and Kaylene George, trustees, to Donald Szalkowski, 103 Parkside, Swanton, $127,500.

Bonnie J. Bittinger to Robert W. and Amanda Bittinger, 16430 County Road 14, Lyons, $60,000.

Wanda Holsinger to Fifth Third Bank, 7 Pelton Drive, Delta, $60,000.

James L. and Stella Belcher to Dion and Susan Stewart, 4109 County Road 1-2, Swanton, $117,500.