ODA approves ag easements

Staff report

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has announced approval for local sponsors to purchase agricultural easements on 42 family farms representing 5,851 acres in 23 counties.

Local sponsoring organizations, which include land trusts, counties, and local Soil and Water Conservation Districts, receive funding from the Clean Ohio Fund to manage the Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP). The easement ensures farms remain permanently in agricultural production. The program supports the state’s largest industry, food and agriculture.

To be eligible for the program, farms must be larger than 40 acres or next to a preserved farm; actively engaged in farming; participate in the Current Agricultural Use Valuation program; demonstrate good stewardship of the land; have support from local government; and not be in close proximity to development. Landowners may use the proceeds of the easement in any way desired, but most reinvest it in their farm operation.

Communities wishing to participate next year can apply to be certified local sponsors between Aug. 20 and Oct. 11. Certified socal sponsors assist landowners interested in selling easements with the application process and easement closing and monitoring.

Funding for the state’s farmland preservation efforts is derived from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund, approved by voters in 2008, and used to purchase agricultural easements from willing sellers through a competitive process. From 2002 to 2019, 466 family farms in 60 counties have collectively preserved 65,462 acres in agricultural production. Permanent easements preserved under related programs bring the total acres currently preserved in Ohio to over 76,000.

For more information go to: www.agri.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/oda/programs/farmland-preservation-office/home.

Staff report