Resignations, contracts approved by Evergreen Board

Staff Report

The Evergreen Board of Education approved several personnel items at their meeting on Monday, including two resignations. The resignations of Kristen Woodard, middle school and high school choir instructor and Kristin Carrizales, elementary kinderstart teacher were accepted.

The board also approved one-year teaching contracts with Heather Christensen, Adrian Meier, Danielle Urbanski, and Luke Rosen. Jason Leu was approved as the high school night custodian.

Supplemental contracts were offered to Jared Walker, middle school athletic director and head high school track; Grant Donnald, middle school football; Mark Cymbolin, high school assistant football; and Troy Zabawa, junior varsity volleyball.

Non-athletic supplemental contracts offered included, Lori Cobb, middle school council; Matt Seifert, middle school quiz bowl; Jake Dawson, middle school head teacher; Jonathan Torrence, elementary choir; Danett Setmire, art club and yearbook; Chris Lyons, band director, pep and marching band; Bill Blanchong, high school academic challenge/quiz team; Luke Rosen, musical director; Doug DeSloover, National Honor Society.

The board also authorized the purchase of new 6-12 grade English Language Arts curriculum programs. It includes textbooks, web-based software, teacher materials and initial and ongoing professional development for implementation at an approximate cost of $95,327.20. It better aligns with Ohio’s Learning Standards.

A 10 cent increase was approved for school lunches and breakfasts. The new prices for the 2019-2020 school year will be $2.60 for elementary lunch, $2.95 for middle and high school lunch, $4.10 for adult lunch, $1.95 for elementary breakfast, $2.10 for middle and high school breakfast, and $2.35 for adult breakfast.

The board also contracted with the Fulton County Health Department to provide school nurse services for the district at an annual cost of $16,189.

The establishment of a middle school golf team was also approved by the board. Middle school golf is scheduled to begin Aug. 1.

Staff Report