P-D-Y super address student handbook

By Jacob Toeppe - For the Expositor

At last week’s meeting, the Pike-Delta-York Board of Education and superintendent addressed recent questions that have been brought up regarding the student handbook.

Superintendent Ted Haselman told the board that he has asked about how students are punished for violating school rules.

“Handbooks are meant to provide rules and expectations for students, as well as outline what punishments there could be if those rules and expectations are not met,” Haselman explained. “Handbooks do not tie specific disciplines to specific rule violations… administration decides how to punish an offense.”

Haselman explained that the state has a list of possible punishments, but does not clearly state that any punishment is assigned to any certain offense, except in very serious cases (generally regarding broken laws), leaving it up to the school most of the time to decide how to take action when a student breaks a rule.

Haselman also discussed the growing issue of vaping in schools, as well as the growing concern of parents about the safety of their children.

“This is not a Delta problem,” he told the board, “This is a Fulton County problem. It’s an Ohio problem. It’s a national problem. A global problem.”

Haselman explained the punishment process for the offense. The first offense results in a three day out-of-school suspension. The second results in six days, and the third in 10 days.

“Thankfully we have not had any students go beyond the third offense,” he explained why the are not yet sure of how further offenses will be punished, “and I believe we have only had one at the 10 day suspension.”

Haselman also reviewed the vaping policies of other schools in Fulton County and neighboring areas. Some had lighter punishments while others had more extreme ones. He explained that this is still a relatively new issue, and there is still much controversy surrounding how it should be handled.

All spring track, softball and baseball athletes were recognized, including Will McQueen, who was congratulated for being the district’s only student to achieve the status of NWOAL Scholar Athlete for fall, winter and spring.

Special recognition was given to state track qualifiers Hunter Tresnan-Reighard, Cassandra Lee and Nate Kohlhofer.

The resignation of Andrea Johnson as curriculum, instruction, assessment and communication Director was rescinded.

In the technology department report it was announced that a new school website is close to being released. “We’re in the stages now of just kinda tweaking,” technology coordinator Derek Friess said, “We’ve got it pretty well ironed out.”

By Jacob Toeppe

For the Expositor

Reach Jacob Toeppe at [email protected]

Reach Jacob Toeppe at [email protected]