4-H offering scholarships

The Fulton County 4-H Endowment fund is offering a total of $2,100 in educational scholarships to qualified Fulton County 4-H members and recent program alumni pursuing post-secondary educational opportunities at colleges, universities, or technical institutions.

Scholarships are intended for 4-Hers going into their senior year of high school, 2019 Fulton County high school graduates, and 4-Hers in their first three years of undergraduate or trade study. Some scholarships are targeted at youth pursuing particular career paths.

You can find the 2019 Fulton County 4-H Older Youth Opportunities Base Application and the Fulton County 4-H Scholarships Additional Application page, which details all scholarship requirements at the Fulton County OSU Extension Office or online at fulton.osu.edu under Program Areas, 4-H Youth Development, Older Youth Opportunities.

Completed applications, including base application and additional application page, are due to the Fulton County OSU Extension Office by Monday, July 1.