ADAMhs Board approves several contracts

The Four County ADAMhs Board approved 12 contracts at its June 13 board meeting for the new fiscal year that starts July 1. The board also approved an office budget for the new fiscal year that totals $650,000, which is $45,000 less than the current year’s office budget.

Contracts approved for the new year include:

• Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio, $205,000 federal women’s grant to provide counseling and residential programming for women.

• Health Partners of Western Ohio, up to $20,000 to cover the patient’s cost of psychiatric medications for those who are unable to afford the co-pay. Since this relationship has been in place between the ADAMhs Board and Health Partners, the full amount allocated for this purpose has never been used.

• Henry County Family Court and Fulton County Common Pleas Court, each $15,000 to cover the cost of screening both children and adults who come before the court to determine if a mental health referral is needed.

• Jammie Richmond and Mark Krieger, consumer advocates/support group leaders, an hourly and expense reimbursement contract of up to $2,500 for Richmond and an hourly reimbursement contract of up to $5,000 and an expense reimbursement contract of up to $2,500 for Krieger.

• NAMI Four County, $7,000 for public awareness and education services.

• Shared payment agreements with other agencies serving youth with multiple needs for adolescent residential placements totaling up to $105,000.

• Juvenile courts of Williams and Henry counties, $25,000 each to support services for youth who are selected to participate in a special court docket. The docket replaces traditional detention with treatment interventions.

• Fulton and Williams county common pleas drug courts and the Williams County Juvenile Court, contract includes both local and state funding to allow the courts to provide services and treatment for qualifying offenders instead of incarceration. Fulton County drug court to receive $35,000 in local funds, Williams County drug court to receive $35,000 in local and $30,000 in state funds, and Williams County Juvenile Court to receive $20,000 in state funds.

• Fulton County Common Pleas Court, $5,000 that can be used by all four county common pleas courts to provide families with limited income who are involved with the court training and education designed to improve the parents’ ability to resolve difficulties, reduce conflict and improve the safety and security of their children.

• St. Charles Mercy Hospital, up to $125,000 to provide adult inpatient psychiatric services.

• To carry over unused state funds from the current year to the fiscal year starting July 1. The funds must be used to treat individuals diagnosed with opiate and other substance use disorders. Approximately $175,000 of the $300,000 grant that the board received earlier this year will be carried over.

• Health Partners of Western Ohio, $120,000 to help support the medical and dental services, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, school outreach, and pharmacy services provided through its Bryan and Defiance community health centers.

Last month, the board approved most of its service contracts for FY20. Those contracts with 11 agencies totaled some $4.9 million.

The board also approved several adjustments to current contracts.

An additional $10,000 was allocated to Maumee Valley Guidance Center for staff training and Local Outreach to Survivors of Suicide (LOSS) on call expenses.

Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio will receive $4,502 for the placement of two clients in a group home. And, Arrowhead Behavioral will receive an additional $23,750 for services.

Rob Giesige, ADAMhs Board CEO, announced that Bethany Shirkey, LSW, has been hired to serve as the board’s client rights officer. He added that she will be handling a number of other responsibilities as well as updating the board’s community plan for the state.

Connie Planson, CEO of Maumee Valley Guidance Center, announced that CNN sent a crew to the area earlier this month to film a story about Mental Health First Aid, one of the agency’s prevention programs that is funded by the ADAMhs Board. The story by correspondent Amy Chillag is scheduled to air on Tuesday morning, June 18 during the network’s final hour of New Day (starting at 8 a.m.)

Tod Hug, president of the ADAMhs Board, announced that the board’s personnel committee had completed its initial evaluation of Giesige and that he received an excellent evaluation. Pursuant to board policy, he will receive a one percent salary increase effective July 1.

Following an executive session at the end of the meeting to discuss pending legal action, the board voted to retain the Toledo law firm of Zoll & Kranz, L.L.C. and join a civil litigation against the manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and others whose actions have caused the opioid epidemic plaguing the community. In addition to the Four County ADAMhs Board, many governmental entities throughout Ohio have joined the lawsuit.