Crop insurance deadlines approaching

Staff report

Farmers without federal crop insurance are reminded that an acreage report for prevented planted corn needs to be filed for U.S. Department of Agriculture purposes by June 20.

Prevented planting corn reports should be filed at the USDA Farm Service Agency office by close of business that day to avoid a $46 per farm late fee. A phone call to the FSA office will start the process, and FSA may be able to send forms for signature. Producers should print maps of their farms at the FSAfarm+ website to map out the prevented planting acres before calling the FSA office.

However, producers that do have FCI insured corn should report to their crop insurance agent. Those producers will have until July 15 to file a corn prevented planting report at the FSA office if reported in a timely manner to the FCI agent.

Producers must also be careful to file accurate reports that match to both FSA and the FCI agents. USDA has computer programming that compares the reports. FSA also has a weed control compliance requirement for acres that will remain idle due to prevented planting. Noncompliance for weed control may result in farmers being ineligible for farm programs offered by USDA.

The same FCI rule for corn applies to soybeans. FCI covered prevented planting soybean reports will be accepted by FSA through July 15 without a late fee being applied.

More information and more extensive details about other USDA farm programs and eligibility can be found online at, and or for USDA in general

Staff report