Common Pleas Court

Nicholas A. Wittenmyer, Liberty Center, vs. Sasha Wittenmyer, Pioneer, Ohio, dissolution of marriage without children.

Franchesca N. Ramos Hebb, Archbold, vs. Eric Johnson, Grand Meadows, Minn., non-support of dependents.

Ditech Financial LLC, Tempe, Ariz., vs. Lori J. Groah, Lyons, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Coppell, Texas, vs. Frank G. Kohlhofer Jr., Delta, foreclosure.

Nicole Spadafore, Wauseon, vs. Steven T. Malloy, Forty Fort, Pa., non-support of dependents.

Briana Bowers, Bryan, vs. Adam Bowers, Archbold, termination of marriage with children.

Matthew J. Lane, Wauseon, vs. Brittany Lane, Swanton, termination of marriage with children.

Angela M. Acevedo, Wauseon, vs. Gabriel Devine, Modesto, Calif., non-support of dependents.

Robin L. Linn, Swanton, vs. Benjamin C. Linn, Swanton, termination of marriage with children.

Western District Court

Floredy M. Beltran, Elgin, Ill., speed, $130.

Daniel J. Bryant, Milford, N.J., speed, $193.

Ghenwa M. Abdou, Toledo, speed, $193.

Randall R. Nation, Napoleon, stop sign, $130.

Ralph A. Altstadt, Waldron, Mich., one way street, $130.

Marcos R. Garcia, Wauseon, speed, $140.

Alexandria N. Gray, Wauseon, speed, $195.

Zeman Z. Altahery, Wauseon, failure to yield, $195.

Ralph J. Rupp, Archbold, speed, $195.

Frederick J. Dawson, Toledo, suspended driver’s license $229.

Andrew W. Stubblefield, Archbold, speed, $170.

Troy L. Antoszewski, theft, $183, no violations of law for one year.

Diane Gante, Wauseon, failure to register, confine dog, no dog tag, $276.

Kimberly S. Hopkins, Wauseon, domestic violence,$194, 180 days reportable probation, anger management, no violations of law for two years.

Louis J. Briner, Fayette, no valid driver’s license, no signal before changing lanes, $287 plus costs.

Timothy C. Shindler, Defiance, suspended driver’s license, $213.

Halie Bradshaw, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $194.50.

Michael L. Cockerham, Fayette, possession of marijuana, $158.

Jazlynn D. Fickle, Wauseon, theft, $183, $40 restitution, 180 days reportable probation, 30 hours community service, no violations of law for one year.

Robin L. Stenger, Wauseon, speed, $195.

Wauseon Limited Partnership, Okemos, Mich., vs. Annita Schroeder, Wauseon, $1,068.07.

Wauseon Limited Partnership, Okemos, Mich., vs. Tabitha Keller, Delta, $4,395.

Archbold Limited Partnership, Okemos, Mich., vs. Tori Knicley, Stryker, $3,249.62.

Marriage Licenses

Lucas A. Keil, 23, Delta, farmer, and Nikole J. Kern, 22, Liberty Center, student.

Michael A. Bodziony, 29, Swanton, operations supervisor, and Lauren A. Baker, 23, Swanton, client associate.

Caleb D. Andrews, 23, Wauseon, nurse, and Tiffany N. King, 22, Sylvania, Ohio, dental assistant.

Joshua D. Haas, 30, Wauseon, laborer, and Andrea C. Hammon, 23, Wauseon, laborer.

Alexander R. Hurst, 24, Archbold, dairy herdsman, and Mariah B. Short, 24, Archbold, human resources.

Andy Vilaysone, 26, Delta, IT, maintenance, and Alexis M. Circle, 23, Delta, homemaker.

Jason E. Sell, 37, Fayette, truck driver, and Shirley D. Baker, 47, Fayette, mail carrier.

Cyle J. Miller, 25, Delta, carpenter, and Haley L. Wanless, 22, Delta student.

Derek R. Iwema, 23, Nashville, Tenn., veterinarian assistant, and Morgan R. Judson, 23, Swanton, student.

Real Estate Transfers

Benson K. and Julia P. McClarren, trustees, to Marjorie A. Shininger, trustee, County Road 7, Delta, $327,705.

Sally J. Herrick to Regina M. Searcy, 102 Cass St., Swanton, $94,000.

Paul D. Shull Ltd. to Eric T. and Jodi L. Sauber, 104 W. Chestnut Court, Wauseon, $105,000.

Ronald Helton to Zachary F. Massie, 12545 County Road J, Wauseon, $171,000.

Tina E. Jenuleson to Louisville Title Agency for NWO Inc., 3587 U.S. 20A, Swanton, $216,000.

Nicholas B. and Loren K. Heimrich to Brian S. Harmon, 3137 U.S. 20A, Swanton, $203,015.

Duane T. and Marsha K. Dowdy to Laurel and Janet Baer, 1100 Lindau St., Archbold, $199,500.

Douglas C. and Heidi J. Miller to Duane T. and Marsha K. Dowdy, 21530 County Road A, Archbold $359,000.

Margo A. Hall to Andrew J. and Sarah V. Dysard, 414 Providence St., Delta, $85,000.

Jacqueline L. Sperling to Zachary A. and Alyssa Campbell, 220 E. Oak St., Wauseon, $132,000.

Joshua and Stacey Vernon to Ryan D. and Brenna J. Harker, 23649 County Road F, Archbold, $240,000.

Kathyrn A. Stull to Kayla King, 203 N. Main St., Swanton, $110,000.

Jeffrey W. and Janet L. Taylor to John W. Jr. and Patricia L. Kuszmaul, 7886 County Road 2-2, Swanton, $240,000.

John D. Bruner to Brittany M. Javier Jr. Ibarra, 728 E. Elm St., Wauseon, $91,000.

Daniel R. Kline and Lynn M. Herzog to Jacqueline L. and Jason Sr. Sperling, 516 Brookside Drive, Swanton, $210,000.

Christopher H. and Robyn Gorringe to Jacqueline Y. Kennedy, 212 Valleywoods Drive, Swanton, $25,000.

Michael Allison and Susan Shellhorse to Susan A. Armstrong, 303 Primrose Lane, Archbold, $135,000.

Toby, Randy, and Danny Schang to Sharon E. Lantz, 110 Short-Buehrer Road, Archbold, $85,000.

Joshua R. and Amanda M. Perry to Jason A. Brown, $142,000.

Julianne W. Lowry to David P. and Lisa A. Keller, 5972 County Road T, Metamora, $50,000.

Matthew D. Mason to Juan A. Martinez, 8060 County Road F, Delta, $95,000.